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Thursday, January 10, 2013

(MY View) Six Degrees of Savage!

by Dan Bucatinsky

I'm in the car, and my 7-year-old daughter is fighting with my 5-year-old son over a game on my iPhone called "Subway Surfer," which I made the mistake of surrendering to them in order to break up another fight that started when she told him that he's "not handsome, just cute" -- ironic given the fact that she'd spelled "cute" with a Q on her last spelling test before the holidays. His ego bruised, tears exploded from his eyes. Apologies were demanded and resisted.

"I didn't say a bad thing!" said my daughter.

"She hurt my feeleeengs," said my boy.

They were both right. And wrong. And hateful. And, OK, they're "qute." And this hideously interminable winter break from school -- like Richard III, I feel, this winter of our discontent -- is chugging way too slowly toward its end. The question pops into my head for the eleventy-millionth time: "Really? You had to have kids?" Why?

(POP NEWS) Shamed; Savage; Piers; Gen-G; Slap Drunk!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

SEARCHED: Rick Santorum Dogged by Google Problem and It's His Fault!

Rick Santorum must take the lion's share of the blame for the fact that Dan Savage's 2003 fecal matter prank, a response to Santorum's statements comparing gay sex to "man-on-dog" sex, still sits  near the top of Google's search results for his last name, a Search Engine expert tells the NYT:
SantorumDanny Sullivan, the editor of SearchEngineLand, said the blame for the results rests largely with the Web strategy of Mr. Santorum’s campaign. It is the campaign’s responsibility to make its Web site more relevant than the prank term — after all, he says, the prank is relevant to voters who disagree with Mr. Santorum’s views on gay rights.

“He hasn’t maintained any type of official ‘residence,’ if you will, for himself online,” Mr. Sullivan wrote in an e-mail. “So he can’t build up links to the right place, which in turn would help him rise, and here he is doing it again. He’s effectively redirected all the ‘calls’ to his official number and pointed them to some call center, in Internet terms.”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

IT GETS WORSE: Dan Savage Glitter Bombed Again, Re/ponds to Transphobia Accusations!

Gay rights activist and sex columnist Dan Savage, after being glitter bombed at the University of Oregon earlier this month, was yet again showered with sparkles in response to using transphobic language in his Savage Love column and on stage. This story has taken quite a few turns.

The Bilerico first reported the incident on November 14th, an article which Savage blogged, “actively and maliciously misrepresented” his remarks. On November 9th, Savage, who is on a tour of Universities for his upcoming MTV series, was speaking to an audience at the University of California Irvine. On his blog, Savage explains that he was answering a question from an audience member about her boyfriend who, in her words, “likes watching shemale porn.” In his response, Savage was reported to have used to problematic terms, “shemale” and “freaky tranny porn,” while also confirming that yes, the boyfriend in question was a freak. Savage has fired back to the allegations claiming, “I did say ‘shemale.’ I read the question as-written, repeated the term in my response, and then used ‘transsexual’ in place of ‘shemale’…modeling the use of less offensive terms.” He added, “I never used the phrase ‘freaky tranny porn.’ I never said the word ‘tranny’ at UCI at all.”He does admit to calling the boyfriend “a very freaky boy,” but apparently did not mean it negatively as he and his column are “pro-freak.”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BOMBED: Dan Savage Reportedly Glitterbombed by Trans Activists!

Trans activists glitterbombed Dan Savage at an appearance in Oregon: SavageDan Savage is a transphobic and generally oppressive rich white cis gay man who came to Eugene, OR on Halloween weekend. The Dan Savage Welcoming Committee let him know that he can't be a douche with impunity.

On November 1st, 2011, an operative of the Dan Savage Welcoming Committee (DSWM) glitterbombed Dan while he was giving a Q&A at the University of Nike's Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, Oregon. During this session, the operative leapt to the stage and poured glitter over Dan's head as they shouted, "Dan Savage is a transphobe!" As they turned tail, they added, "Glitterbomb courtesy of the Dan Savage Welcoming Committee," and just before they got out the door, "He's a racist and misogynist and a rape-apologist, too!" The operative then fled the scene.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RESPONSE: Dan Savage Talks About the End of 'DADT' and Michele Bachmann's Dumb Gay Joke!

Dan Savage appeared on The Last Word last night to discuss the end of 'DADT' and Michele Bachmann's awkward joke on Jay Leno about "praying the gray away".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IT's WAR: Rick Santorum Calls Dan Savage 'Below the Dignity of Anybody!

Rick Santorum atttended the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado over the weekend, but wouldn't address Dan Savage's recent video in which he threatened to redefine Santorum's first name if he continues to bash gay people, according to Think Progress reporter Scott Keyes.

Said Santorum when asked about Savage: "I’m not going to talk about Dan Savage. He’s below the dignity of anybody. Thank you."

Santorum is, however, perfectly willing to address Savage's dignity and his Google problem when asking people for money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IT's WAR: Dan Savage and Rick Santorum Go at it, AGAIN!

Some conservatives are not happy with columnist Dan Savage over remarks about Republicans and Rick Santorum he made on his Friday night appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. Santorum has been angry at Savage for years over the Spreading Santorum website he created over the then Pennsylvania Senator's remarks comparing same-sex marriage to man-on-dog sex.

Dan Savage apologized for the remarks shortly after his appearance.
I was on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. I was talking to someone at the party after the show, and they asked me how I thought it went. Okay, I said—and then I told them that I said something really, really stupid, half under my breath, and I was relieved that Bill and the rest of the panel didn't hear it. But folks watching the show at home might have heard it... so... I want to apologize for... um... wishing all Republicans dead.

I don't feel that way. My dad is a Republican. (Well, he says he's an independent, but he hasn't voted for a Democrat since JFK. My dad is a Republican.)

It was a stupid, rude, thoughtless remark. I regret it and I retract it and I apologize to anyone watching at home—particularly my father (!)—who may have heard me say it. I had a drink before the show—first and last time I've ever done that—but this wasn't a case of, "In vino, veritas." This was a case of, "In vino, stupidtas."

Santorum seized on the Maher appearance to try to discredit Savage: "It’s filth. It’s, you know, this man has, has gone out there and tried to destroy my integrity. I mean, you’ve heard the whole issue of the Google issue. That’s Dan Savage. You know, it’s, it’s the lowest, you know, debasement of public discourse. It’s, it’s offensive beyond, you know, anything that any public figure or anybody in America should tolerate, and the mainstream media laughs about it. They, they, they kid about it. They write about it. They say, “Oh, Santorum’s got a Google problem.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BITCH: Dan Savage Calls Bachmanns 'Grifters' and 'Scumbags' On 'Real Time'!

Columnist and gay activist Dan Savage didn't hold back when discussing Marcus Bachmann's "ex-gay" clinic on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HONORED: Dan Savage Accepts Special Webby Award in New York!

This American Life's Ira Glass presents Dan Savage with a Special Achievement Award at the Webby Awards last night for his work on the "It Gets Better" project.

Glass talks about Savage's hand in Rick Santorum's Google problem.

Says Glass: "In recognition of the use of the internet to unite thousands of voices in one message of hope, in recognition of his ability to remake what it means to be a journalist, we are proud to present the 2011 Special Achievement Award to Mr. Dan Savage."

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