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Saturday, December 30, 2023

(TIME-warp) The Day when SOAPS went All the Way!

A FIRST, 2 men basking in the afterglow!

14 years ago today was the First Gay Sex scene on Daytime and I believe on Broadcast Television. Sadly OLTL's KISH was axed a few months later. 

The Story:  (From 2009) Oliver Fish was a Cop, Kyle Lewis had a shady past. When Kyle ran into Oliver, it was known that the 2 shared a secret past. Both were members of a Frat house and they became lovers! Oliver was trying to forget and Kyle moved on with Nick. After falling for Stacy's (The Town Slut) trap to get pregnant to get her Sister's Man, Oliver finally came out to his parents, and Roomies but was unaware of fathering Stacy's Baby! It was also too late to get Kyle Back, who became engaged to Nick, will Kyle go through with it? Later, Kyle and Oliver do get together and celebrate the New Year by Making Love! (This marked the first same-sex Love scene in DAYTIME!) When Stacy 'died' and it was revealed that Oliver was the father of her daughter. KISH went away to raise the Baby together. THE END. 

In 2010, the focus went Back to ATWT's NUKE that created the first Gay Triangle on daytime with Reid, but RUKE never had sex before Reid was tragically killed off a week before the 54 yr old serial went to black for good. With no front burner Gay characters left on Daytime in 2011, except the Bianca Recast on AMC who took up with the suddenly Lesbian, Marisa mere months before AMC went dark. Also in 2010, the recurring (and sexless) Rafe on Y & R). Phillip's brief return was too brief but we cheered when Phillip met Rafe. The chemistry was HOT. Phillip left again and we are left (and still) hanging. (Poor Thom Beirdz had to go online, Old Dogs, New Tricks to have his first on-camera love scene in 2012, and then Sang a song to the new Y &R EP, JFP to write a good story for Phillip) .There was HOPE with a pairing of DAYS's Will (a Horton and a Brady) and sexual tension with Chad (a Dimera).The Bradys and Dimera's hate each other! But all the sudden Chad was missing and Will was kissing his step-aunt, Gabi... BORING! 

In 2012, Will finally came out and HOOKED up with Sonny, but only after he knocked up Gabi. The Best part is that Sonny and Will are so natural together and have been kissing more and have been shown snuggling in Bed. Bold and Beautiful did a silly Lesbian story, but aborted it when the OUT Actress was suddenly unavailable. All the Gay characters and children were embarrassed to be OUTED to family and close friends and this is set in LA around the Fashion and Media industries! HUH! So we have come a long way, but we need more. Felix and Brad on GH is a start and with Lucas (Ryan Carnes) it was bonafide Triangle with Brad and Felix, with the heat and chemistry going to Brad and Lucas with Felix as the odd man Out. 

On DAYS, Will and Sonny made it legal in one the Best Weddings of the year. While Will was away, Sonny's Hunky Closeted EX, Paul wanted Sonny back, while Will returned and got an interview with Paul! The stage was set a great Triangle! 

2015 UPDATE: Will Slept with Paul and when the truth came out, Will set out to get Paul out of town but sometimes it looked like Will wanted to get Paul back in bed.So, he got the Hunky Bellman, Derrick to do it. Sonny had enough and left town. Will was murdered by psycho turned hunk, Ben is  the most gruesome way possible around the Matthew Shepard Anniversary. Sonny came back to mourn Will and then left town. Paul has not seen much and no other gays in sight. 

On GH, Brad and Lucas were engaged and then the engagement was off when Brad revealed to be married to the town Rent Girl, Rosalie, to cover up a crime. That story disappeared in August. Felix is in a Happy relationship, off screen.

Suddenly Brad was divorced (off screen) and he made plans to marry Lucas at the Nurses Ball. When his mother faints, Lucas takes her to the hospital. Later, Lucas catches someone trying to inject his mother, and ends up injected himself and almost dies. When he awakes and released, he and Brad, finally exchange vows in a private ceremony. Then they disappear again and reappear separately. 

On Days, Sonny returns and Paul and flirt, but stay in each others orbit. Nothing yet. Here's hoping Will surfaces soon.  

Will more Gays return in 2020? 

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