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Saturday, June 24, 2017

PODCAST (It's FAB w/ MK) Happy Pride with Joey Arias, Terri Nunn and Mya!

MK w/ Joey
Welcome to It's FAB with MK Scott. This month I have some great chats with an old pal, Joey Arias, as well as a new interview with a Woman I have adored since 1982, Terri Nunn from Berlin and the amazing Mya.

Friday, April 7, 2017

PODCAST: (It's FAB w/MK) Striking a Pose with Slam, Ted Allen, and Michael Airington!

Welcome to It's FAB with MK Scott.

This month I have some great chats with some old pals, as well as a new interview with a man I have adored since 1990 as one of Madonna backup dancers on the blond ambition tour and his memorable kiss with a fellow dancer in Truth or Dare, Slam, who was subject in the "Strike a Pose" currently on LOGO and being screened around the country.

I also speak with Ted Allen, one of the fab 6 of Queer Eye for the straight about the 26th annual dining out for life but first, my friend and occasional contributor Ester Goldberg aka Michael Airington on bringing Paul Lynde to Ballys on the Las Vegas strip.

Dining out for life is happening on Thurs, April 27th. Please check out their site for more information. www.diningoutforlife.com and follow on Twitter: @DineOut4Life #DiningOutForLife

Saturday, February 25, 2017

(It's FAB: w/ MK Scott) Rise UP with Dustin Lance Black Plus Charles Busch and Nick Verreos!

Welcome to It's FAB with MK Scott. This is an Epic Oscar show with Dustin Lance Black (Milk, Oscar for screenplay) about his new mini-series, 'When We Rise' coming ABC on 2/27 for 4 nights.

Also we have fashion guru and author, Nick Verreos and being red carpet ready and the iconic Charles Busch on his new Cabaret show coming to LA's Rockwell on 3/13 and 14.

 Also we close out our show listen again to Audra Day and Rise up you voices, watch Video Here: https://youtu.be/lwgr_IMeEgA 

 Check Out items we endorse at our Amazon Store; http://astore.amazon.com/fabpodcast-20

Twitter: @mkscott206 
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Its-FAB-w-MK

Friday, December 23, 2016

PODCAST: (It's Fab w/ MK Scott) Holiday Special with Charlotte Rae and Rising Star, Angus MacLane (Finding Dory)!

Welcome to It's FAB with MK Scott. We got 2 great chats, one with a rising star in animation and the Co-Director of the 2016 hit, "Finding Dory". First MK chats with a TV icon, the star of "Different Strokes" and "the Facts of life", the one and only Charlotte Rae (author of The Facts of My Life)! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

PODCAST: (It's FAB w/ MK) The ICON show with Dolly Parton and Tab Hunter!

It's Fab podcast has got them. True Icons.

Last month I was one of a dozen members of the LGBT press to be part of a live phone conference with the iconic, Dolly Parton. Dolly is in the middle of a concert tour. Dolly is also promoting her new album, Pure and Simple. Here are the highlights from the 20-minute LGBT press conversation.
Later, I chat with Film Legend, Tab Hunter, subject of the film, Tab Hunter: Confidential.

Monday, September 5, 2016

PODCAST: (It's FAB w/ MK Scott) Hopelessly Devoted to Olivia and OITNB!

It's Fab podcast is BACK with Summer Lovin' from Olivia Newton-John who has been busy in the last few years with her Vegas Residency at the Flamingo, three albums and a new one on the way, and in her free time she devotes the proceeds and countless hours to her Cancer Wellness charities. Now she is on tour.

After a little phone tag, we finally chatted by phone and she has a lot to be proud of after 50 years of entertainment:

Friday, June 24, 2016

PODCAST: (It's FAB w/ MK) Celebrating Pride with Martha Wash and Randy Jones!

It's Fab podcast is BACK just in time for Pride week. we got 2 icons all in the same show. Later, Damon Jacobs starts his GLAAD coverage the Iconic, Randy 'Cowboy' Jones of the Village People. But first, MK speaks Exclusively with former Weather Girl, Martha Wash, who hits Seattle this weekend for Pride.

Also we close out our show with new music by Eli Lieb and Brandon Skeie's haunting tribute to Orlando with 'Pulse'.

Friday, May 13, 2016

PODCAST: (It's FAB w/ MK): -On the Road w/ Frank Marino and Alexandria Billings!

In VEGAS with Ms. VEGAS  (Matt)
It's Fab podcast is BACK after our Trip to LA and Vegas! We brought back our backstage interview with Ms. Las Vegas, Frank Marino on Joan and Drag Race.

Plus Alexandra Billings on GLAAD, Transparent and Seattle's Translations Film Festival.

Finally, New Music from Audra Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

(Sewers of Paris): Drag!

It's another Sewers of Paris live video chat! The topic is all things drag, with super special guests Aedan Roberts and Arson Nikki. We dive deep on Drag Race, The Bird Cage, Harvey Fierstein, Tootsie, and our favorite live performances from the messy to the glamorous.

Aedan Roberts: http://aedanroberts.com
Arson Nicki: https://www.facebook.com/arsonnicki
Matt Baume: http://twitter.com/mattbaume
Sewers of Paris: http://SewersOfParis.com

Friday, April 22, 2016

(It's FAB w/ MK Scott) Project Runway All-star, Mondo Guerra and Sean Dorsey's 'Missing Generation'!

It's Fab podcast is BACK after our Spring Break! This Week, MK chats with Project Runway All-star, Mondo Guerra on why you should "Dine Out for life". Plus Trans-Choregrapher, Sean Dorsey on the 'Missing Generation'!

Finally, New Music from Alive or Awake/Joe Moralez!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

(Sewers of Paris) Queerish Television!

We're back with another super homosexual live chat! This time the theme's classic queerish TV, interpreted loosely to mean any TV that's old & good enough to make you go "oh I've seen this one, but let's watch it again." My guests are Jamie Maruer, aka Rantasmo of the show Needs More Gay; and also columnist and televisual expert Terrence Moss. Join us for a deep dive into shows like My So Called Life, Golden Girls, Noah's Arc, and many many more ... and as always, a little analysis of my beard.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

(SEWERS OF PARIS) Live Chat: Love Stories! .

Just in time for Valentine's Day (or really any romantic occasion) we're hosting a live chat about our favorite love stories! Join me and my guests Brady Ginn and Cody Melcher for a wild romp through romantic movies, music, TV and more. We talk about out best & worst dates, favorite romantic movies (queer and straight), Saved by the Bell, The Birdcage, which Star Wars cantina alien we'd like to see Poe hit on, and the importance of always wearing sexy underwear just in case.

Friday, February 5, 2016

PODCAST (It's FAB w/ MK) -Hit the Floor's Jonathan Bennett and Naughty Gossip!

It's Fab podcast is BACK after our Holiday Break! MK will be dishing Naughty Gossip with the FAB, Rob Shuter and then chatting with actor, Jonathan Bennett about his new Gay role (Yes, Really)! Plus New Music by JoLivi!

Check Out all these items we endorse at our Amazon Store; http://astore.amazon.com/ou09c-20

Twitter: @mkscott206
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Its-FAB-w-MK

Friday, December 11, 2015

DEBUT! (It's FAB w/ MK) -Holiday Special!

itunes pic
MK chats with Michelle Visage (with Jinkx) about her new book.

The Debut of It's Fab with MK Scott podcast is HERE! We got 3 Pals all with FAB stuff to promote for the Holidays from Matt Zarley's Hopeful and Michelle Visage's Diva Rules to Matthew Rettenmund's Madonna Encyclopedia and Starf*cker. Plus New Music! Stay Tuned as we Celebrate the Holiday!

Check Out all these items Below as well as others we endorse at our Amazon Store; 

Twitter: @mkscott206
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Its-FAB-w-MK

Monday, August 10, 2015

(DEFINING MARRIAGE) Know who your Enemies Are!


by Matt Baume

“Marriage felt impossible for so long. This impossible thing you’re never going to get, so don’t bother asking for it,” said Dan Savage. But: “it doesn’t get better for us in a vacuum. It gets better FOR us because straight people get better ABOUT us.”

I chatted with Dan and with Fred Karger about what life was like for gays in the 1970s, and their two very different ways of dealing with it: for Fred, a gay Republican, there was safety in hiding. But Dan, despite being raised in a Roman Catholic household, came emphatically out of the closet at an early age and let the straight world know that any discomfort they felt was their own doing.

From within the belly of the beast, Fred was able to rally opposition to homophobic legislator John Briggs long before it was safe for him to do so publicly. But ultimately, hiding proved far more destructive than coming out.

After all, if queers were ever going to demand full equality, first they’d have to reveal themselves. They’d have to exist. Then they could get down to the work of making things better.


Monday, August 3, 2015

DEBUT! (Defining Marriage) To be Let in, not Just Left Alone!


It was the mid-1970s in Seattle when a twenty-something radical named Faygele Ben Miriam dragged his boyfriend Paul to a King County office to demand a marriage license. They never managed to get one, but if they'd walked into the office of Boulder county clerk Clela Rorex, she'd have defiantly handed one to them on the spot.

These pioneers were the first vanguard of a new post-Stonewall marriage equality movement, and the overwhelming consensus was that they were nuts. Marriage for homosexuals was too ludicrous an idea to take seriously, and those few activists who spoke out for the cause were shunned and ridiculed.

Decades later, the auditor who rejected Faygele Ben Miriam’s license later became one of the state’s leading voices for marriage equality (on behalf of his lesbian daughter). Clela Rorex’s successor, forty years later, led the charge for equality across all of Colorado.

Everyone thought that early vanguard was crazy. It turns out they were visionaries.

Listen to Matt Baume's Podcast HERE

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(It's EVERYTHING w/ Bebe Sweetbriar) Glam Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Stewart Taylor new anti-bullying song "Liberation"!

Glam Pop/R&B singer-songwriter and dancer Stewart Taylor recently dropped his self-titled debut EP, Stewart Taylor. Inspired by the looks and sounds of the 1980's, Stewart's music and fashion channels the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna. The EP's lead single, "Liberation," is an anti-bullying anthem about coming out and finding empowerment in self-acceptance.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

(It's EVERYTHING w/ Bebe Sweetbriar) The Roger Erickson Interview!

Roger Erickson, a Bay Area native, is considered one of the world's foremost music, fashion and celebrity photographers with his work featured in publications such as Vogue (Mexico & Latin America), Entertainment Weekly, Ebony, Esquire Magazine, GQ, Rolling Stone, The Source Magazine, The Advocate and Out Magazine. Over the past six years Erickson has created a substantial portfolio of prominent LGBTQ public figures including actors, dancers, writers, musicians, artists, athletes, activists and clergy. In time for the annual PRIDE celebration, the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries' will present the first-ever major exhibition of Erickson's work, featuring newly-commissioned portraits of local LGBTQ luminaries, OUTspoken: Portraits of LGBTQ Lumanaries.

Monday, June 22, 2015

(Koffee Klatsch with Derek) Missing Romaine!

Join Derek Hartley for a hot cup of fun! It's a real whiz bang when you ask questions or make comments! Videos are made live but if you can't watch live, you can catch up later on Google or YouTube.

Subscribe to my channel and add me to your circles on Google+ to never miss a thing!
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