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Monday, August 3, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Will has an ulterior motive; The Foursome encounter homophobes on double date; Sonny is Jealous of Derrick and Paul!

Will has cooked up a plan to get Paul and Derrick together so they can get involved and Paul will forget all about Sonny.

Not gonna work Will but if Derrick’s shirt comes off for a few episodes, No Complaints Here!

So Will’s plan to get Paul and Derrick together begins to take shape and he and Sonny join this new pair for an awkward double date at Rafe’s club. We find out that Derrick’s family has shunned him since he came out and Will pours it on thick about how happy he and Sonny are. It’s gross and he comes off so creepy. Then there are a couple of homophobic idiots who come up to the table.

The double date is thwarted by some homophobe jerks and a fight ensues. It’s over-the-tops stuff and Derrick takes a punch. It’s moving to see John’s concern over his son nd that Paul is now calling him ‘dad.’ Later, Paul and Derrick get closer and, of course, Sonny sees and seems jealous.STAY TUNED!

Monday, June 29, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Paul is finding plenty of reasons to stay in Salem; Will continues to lamely scheme to keep his husband!

Paul says to Sonny : ‘I have this whole new family and I kind of like them.’

So between a new dad, brother and nephew (baby Tate), Paul also has the job offer from Kate – all reasons to stay in Salem that don’t involve Sonny.

‘I have things here that I never imagined having … i want to stay here and I want to get to know this family that’s been dropped in my lap,’ he tells Sonny who looks at him with loving eyes.

For now, Sonny is sticking to his ‘but I’m married’ routine which no one believes and which is tough to buy anymore with Will having become pathetic, dishonest and ridiculous.

Paul makes clear he believes he and Sonny belong together and he will never give up on that.

Even Will’s scheming grandmother Kate is incredulous that Will wants to bribe their marriage counselor with a favorable magazine profile so that the dude will side with Will in counseling sessions and convince Sonny to stay in marriage. Where there is a Will....!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

(OUT on the Red Carpet) a DAYS Reunion w/ Sorel and Chappell!

The GLAAD Media Awards was over a week ago, but the coverage continues!

Our NY Corespondent, Damon Jacobs chatted with  former DAYS of our LIVES Star, Louise Sorel and Sorel's former Co-star, Crystal Chappell.

Special Thanks to NY based Photographer, Oswald Thomas!

Monday, March 2, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Will and Sonny point fingers at each other AND have their most intense showdown yet!

Arched Back, Will is on the defensive as a Jealous Sonny Strikes!
Sonny has it in his mind that Will somehow knew about his past with Paul and slept with his ex in some calculated act of revenge.

Meanwhile, Will is feeling betrayed because Sonny never told him about his very significant relationship Paul.

The expressionless Marlena listens as Will confesses his infidelity which she, of course, already knows about. And Kate goes to visit Sonny and he let’s her know that he knows that she knew about the Will-Paul tryst.

Paul’s mom also arrives in Salem and wants to whisk her son away and take him home to San Francisco.
The storyline is on fire and this emotional conversation between Sonny in Will about Paul really packs a punch. Will says some terrible and very immature things as Sonny continues to be one with maturity and integrity. Paul is determined to stay in Salem longer even as his mom wants him to leave town.What is she Hiding? Why did she spill her Tea when she met Marlena? Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 23, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Sonny Remembers and confronts Will and Paul about their affair!

My Husband Slept with my.............!

The truth came out and it exploded!   Sonny was about to read Will’s article on Paul and that, no doubt, will lead to him putting all the pieces together. Paul meanwhile has a bizarre meeting with Marlena that I still don’t really understand. Then later he runs in to Derrick who, of course, is lurking in the hallway of the hotel. Derrick is clearly not the brightest bulb as he tells Paul that Sonny is still in love with him. We are about to finally get some payoff from these many weeks or months of Sonny, Will and Paul all co-existing and interacting in Salem without any of them connecting the dots.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Paul tells Sonny he still loves him then comes out to his mom; Sonny finds OUT about Paul and Will's Affair and Gets Attacked!

Big day for Paul. He has his most emotional meeting with Sonny yet as he tells Sonny how much he regrets losing him and that he will always love him. It’s a poignant scene and one of several in this Paul-centric episode.He then takes a call from his mom and very emotionally comes out as gay to her and then his grandfather.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

(GAY DAYS) Paul Kisses Sonny! Where's Will?

Sonny is surprised to be kissed by Paul at the hospital and he clearly enjoys the lip lock.

Paul is hot! And Will is in LA neglecting his husband as he pours all he’s got into his career. While Sonny kissed Paul back, he is quickly turn ed off by Paul still being a closet case – literally.

But Sonny is distracted and there’s a very sexy flashback of him and Paul in bed that I think you will quite enjoy. Meanwhile, Will’s grandma Marlena and dad Lucas are on his case and Sonny’s mom Adrienne is also weighing in, of course. So Will finally calls his husband and is a complete a**hole.

Bad move Will.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(OUT on the RED Carpet) MK chats with DAYS' Guy Wilson and Kate Mansi at GLAAD-LA!

MK was on the GLAAD Red Carpet at the Beverly Hilton on April 13th and caught up with DAYS' Will and Abby (Guy Wilson and Kate Mansi) about the wedding and what is to come!

Friday, April 11, 2014

(GAY DAYS) Gabi has Nick over while newlyweds Sonny and Will are away on honeymoon: Will in mood for romance while Sonny wants to find lawyer!

Gabi and a Shirtless Nick are getting hot and heavy again. While Sonny and Will are on little mini-honeymoon at the local inn.

Blake Berris (Nick) has never looked better!

So Gabi has him over for a post-reception romp. Then Sami knocks on the door …OOPS!

Meanwhile, Will is feeling playful and romantic while Sonny, concerned about Gabi getting involved with Nick again, wants Will to find a lawyer to work out a formal custody agreement for Ari. By weeks end, EJ and Sami Scheme to get Gabi out of town away from Ari and Nick!

Friday, February 21, 2014

(GAY DAYS) Lovebirds Sonny and Will give each other engagement rings – tell his parents; Gabi Slaps Sonny!

Will and Sonny are deliriously happy and give engagement rings to each other, as They happily share the news with Will’s parents who have very different reactions. Lucas is immediately thrilled while Sami is not – at first.

Will makes a few speeches – and they do come off as speeches – defending their love and Sami chills out.

Favorite line is from Will to Sonny: ‘Now that we’ve survived a baby, blackmail, bullets – you know, all the big stuff – there’s nothing that can prepare you for my mother in wedding planner mode.’

Gabi is falling again for Nick’s “I’ve changed” act and Sonny is not having it.

He really gives her a piece of his mind as the two absolutely have it out. Gabi even slaps Sonny.

Favorite Line of the Day is EJ’s reaction to Will and Sonny becoming engaged: “WHAT? REALLY? That is fantastic! I’m so happy! I’m so happy!”

Monday, February 17, 2014

OVTV: (GAY DAYS) Will accepts Sonny’s proposal and they spend the rest of episode in bed!

After they exchange presents and Will says yes, they spend the rest of their scenes shirtless and in bed. These are extended scenes of them talking about their wedding and who to invite etc.

There are those haters out there whose heads explode anytime you say anything complimentary about Guy but I gotta say, he’s got a nice body!

Friday, March 1, 2013

(Gay DAYS) Wilson Make Love; Nick walks in and blackmails Will to give up the baby!

They say a crisis brings people together and Will certainly has one on his hands. His crazy mom Sami, never more infuriating, badgers Gabi about a paternity test to the point that she is rushed to the hospital with possible premature labor.

Will is devastated but is happy and relieved to see Sonny walk into the hospital. Once the crisis ends, they head back to the coffee house where Sonny gets snoopy and finds the card Will had meant to give him on Valentine’s Day before hot Brian showed up.

I kind of wanted to see Sonny date a little more of Brian before finding his way back to our Will.

But these two are awfully sweet together and with the baby battle ahead, it will be good to have them as a solid unit.

Will completely comes clean with Sonny about everything – including shooting EJ apparently.

Friday, February 22, 2013

(GAY DAYS) Wilson Steams; Nick Plots; Sami Goes after Gabi!

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith (Will and Sonny) steamed it up in the shower (and in Will's head) this week on Days of Our Lives. Now there's a wet daydream for you.

 Nice to have some Will and Sonny scenes and some Will and Gabi scenes that don’t involved Nick and that damned info he’s got about Will shooting EJ.

I mean, it was just soooooo easy for him to collect that dirt, recording and all, and now he plans to use it against our Will Horton!
Oh yeah, this isn’t real life. It’s just a soap! I’m entirely too caught up in it all.

Anyway, Will thinks Sonny wants to get back together when he gets Valentine’s Day gift from Sonny but it was ordered before their break-up. It’s sweet that a deflated Will goes to Gabi to pour his heart out and they have some nice moments before he brings up the paternity test.
Meanwhile, Sonny has an outing with cutie Brian!

Friday, February 15, 2013

(GAY DAYS) Will and his dad Lucas fall right into Nick’s blackmail plot!


This Week on GAY DAYS: Uh boy, you had to figure that Will trying to shoot former stepdad EJ was going to come back to haunt him.

His dad, Lucas, went to prison for Will’s deed and not only has Nick figured it out, he finds a way to tape them talking about it.

FYI...Nick was sent to Prison for actual Murder!

Friday, February 8, 2013

(GAY DAYS) Sexy Brian arrives to Seduce Sonny; Will Sees It, and Brian tells Lies; Nick continues to dig dirt and his own secret is about ready to POP!


This Week on Gay Days: We think Sonny and Will are a wonderful couple (right?) and I hope they can work things out now that Sonny is dealing with Will’s lying and betrayal.
But as long as they have to be apart, Sonny could do a lot worse than to spend some time – and lock some lips – with sexy Brian who has wasted no time in returning to the coffee house in search of some java – and some action.

The makeout scene is at the end of these scenes. Is it just me or do Sonny and Brian have more chemistry in the making out department than Sonny and Will?

Friday, February 1, 2013

(GAY DAYS) Future step-daddy Nick goes online to find out about bio-daddy Will’s secret past!

Nick is feeling like all of Salem is against he and Gabi getting married and having a life together.

Rafe talks them into not getting married right away and Nick’s new boss, Will’s grandma Kate, tells him he will be on a short leash at work.

Despite Will convincing Kate not to fire Nick outright and his hoping the three of them can co-exist as co-parents, Nick still seems determined to knock our Will out of the picture.

Friday, January 25, 2013

(GAY DAYS) Will tries to figure it out; Nick plots; grandparents are weighing in; Will gleeful after seeing daughter during sonogram; begs Sonny for forgiveness!


Lots of good stuff  this week including a wonderful heart-to-heart where Will explains to EJ what led to his having sex with Gabi. He then goes on to share how he felt when he became involved with Sonny, how he let go of worrying about what anyone thought and found happiness.

So when Gabi told him she was pregnant, he wanted it not to be true.

Meanwhile, both sides are lawyering up and there will likely be a legal battle. Nick thinks he’s got an edge because he knows Will’s dad went to prison for him – but he doesn’t appear to know why.

Nick is INSANE! (I asked his portrayer, Blake Berris, and his response? "Never Call me that, Never!") He’s determined to squeeze Will out of his own baby’s life and even makes a remark that the baby doesn’t need three daddies (counting Sonny). WHOA!

Meanwhile, all of the grandparents and family members and basically the rest of Salem are weighing in on the baby situation.REMEMBER THE BABY Hasn't BEEN BORN YET!

Will joins Gabi and Nick at the hospital for the baby’s sonogram and learns he is going to be the father of a baby girl. The moment gives him a real clarity about being a father for the first time and he is overjoyed by it. He runs into former stepdad Rafe, Gabi’s brother, and they have a beautiful heart-to-heart before he finally goes to visit Sonny for an emotional talk and a plea for forgiveness. Sonny Needs time.  WATCH BELOW!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

(SOAP Q) GAY DAYS: Sami scolds her son Will and forces him to face the reality of impending fatherhood!


Of course Sami Brady makes things about her and now that her son, Will, is going to be a father, she has some strong opinions about her first grandchild.

Will has been dodging her but finally Sami get him face-to-face and lets him have it. She is incredulous that he would be willing to let another man claim to be the father of his child and not let his family come to his aid.

Will just seems shell-shocked about it all but he does call Sami out on making it all about her. (WHO ELSE?)
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