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Monday, April 3, 2017

(OUTview NW) INTER-view: Peaches Christ and Bob the Drag Queen present 'Legally Black' at the Egyptian April 6th!

by MK Scott

She's back! and this time the incredible Peaches Christ is bringing Bob the Drag Queen (fresh from the Hater's Roast tour that hit the Moore Theatre last Sunday) for a brand new show, 'Legally Black,' billed as a hilarious all-new live stage show parody of the hit 2001 comedy Legally Blonde that starred Reese Witherspoon as ditzy sorority girl Elle Woods who stole our hearts quicker than you can say 'bend and snap.' This time, the drag queens take over and the theme becomes 'Never judge a queen by her wig color.'

Joining them is Abbey Roads, Mahlae Balenciaga, Mackenzie Miller, Sparkle Leigh, Isabella Extynn, Fraya Love, La Gaviota, Strawberry Shartcake, Kristie Champagne, and Stacey Starstruck.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

(OUTview NW) INTER-view: MK gets the Dirt from Peaches Christ on "Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio?"

by MK Scott

She's  BACK! After taking 'Return to Grey Gardens' on the road in the last few years, Peaches Christ is back at Seattle's Egytian Theater this Thursday, June 23rd for 2 shows only!

Sister, sister, oh so big, why is their blood all over your wig...? Peaches Christ invites you to attend the Seattle Premiere of her hag-a-rific theatrical showcase "Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio?" starring the unmatched talents of...PEACHES and the Super crazy, BIANCA DEL RIO.

Don't miss the SEATTLE PREMIERE of the Peaches Christ production, "Whatever Happened To Bianca Del Rio?" Find out what happens when two aging drag sisters live out their later years together in a hag-arrific house of horrors.

Former child-star and RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio wants to re-mount the show she did as a little girl when her hit song "I've Written A Letter To Draggy" dominated the vaudeville circuit but her drag-sister Peaches Christ proves to be a burden on wheels. Don't miss this psycho biddy stage-show celebration of insanity. Bianca dolls and rat sandwiches included!

We were lucky to catch up with Peaches at last monthes, Sinema at Crypticon, and got a preview of the new show. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

(OUTview NW) COMEDY PREVIEW: the Lovable Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli, hits Seattle’s Moore this Saturday!

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, the self-described “lovable queen of mean,” hits Seattle’s Moore Theater this Saturday, March 12th at 8pm!

Lampanelli will bring to the stage her tenured comedian experience, which includes appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Good Morning America” and “Chelsea Lately.”

According to the event’s press release, Lampanelli is a frequent guest on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show. Stern has called her “a true original and a brilliant comedy mind who’ll steal the show every time.” Lampanelli’s also appeared on previous Comedy Central roasts of figures like Donald Trump, Jeff Foxworthy, William Shatner and others.

Everyone remembers her Bitch fests on the The Apprentice, what will she say about Trump Now?

Prices range from $37.00 to $59.00. Click STG Presents for Tix.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

(OUTview NW) INTER-view: The Real Housewives Parody Hits Seattle This Week, and we got the Scoop from "Desiree" herself, Actress, EMJOY GAVINO!

Desiree (2nd from L) is the Nice One
by MK Scott

Call your best frenemies now and get tickets for this performance brimming with brawls, booze and Botox. The Realish Housewives are fully loaded and ready to take on North America.

Get ready for loony ladies Rovanka, Claudia Louise, Gwen, Desiree, Brooke and your host Randy (Not Andy)  to take on the current events and people making headlines in your hometown. The audience even gets in on the act! This is one reality trainwreck that’ll leave you laughing ‘til you cry your false eyelashes off!

The Realish Housewives hit Seattle weeekend at the Moore and I had a chance to chat with actress, Emjoy Gavino who plays the Nice and Naive, Desiree:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

(OUTview NW) PRE-view: Twisted Cabaret is Campy, Twisted Fun!

Olivier is a man with many talents!
Olivier is a man with many talents!

Twisted Cabaret is the ultimate date night show for your romantic someone; as long as that someone has a wicked sense of humor. Frank Olivier stars in this one man variety explosion. Frank has gathered together top variety artists from around the world. Jugglers, magicians, sword swallowers, and knife throwers all for this one special show; but on the big night the bus breaks down and Frank must play all the parts, do all the acts to save the show.

For this Valentine's edition of Twisted Cabaret, Frank has enlisted a live band, a beautiful lady, and a hunchback of dubious pedegree. Come see the show that has packed the Palladium each year for the past three years. You won't be disappointed.

Twisted Cabaret: Valentine's edition runs through Feb 27th at Hale's Ales Palladium Theater. Click HERE for Tix and Info!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

(OUTview NW) INTER-view: Coco Peru RETURNS to the NW for 2 shows and MK's got the Scoop!

by MK Scott

Can you believe it has been almost 3 years since the always FAB, Coco Peru was in Seattle for her show, "She's got Balls"? Well, she is coming back to the NW this weekend at Seattle's Unicorn on the Saturday the 14th  and Sunday the 15th at Portland's Euphoria Night Club.

Ever since becoming a YouTube sensation Coco Peru has been inundated with emails from people of all ages asking her the same question, “Coco, what is the secret to a happy life?” So, being the giver that she is, Coco wrote a new show A GENTLE REMINDER – COCO’S GUIDE TO A SOMEWHAT HAPPY LIFE where, through story and song, Coco shares with her audience a step by step guide that leaves you prepared to enter the world again ready to create your very own “somewhat” happy life. Why just a “somewhat” happy life? Well, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be happy all of the time because, always remember, “happy” people make such a racket.

I chatted with Coco by email:

Friday, October 16, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) FRIDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 8 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

Nasty Baby (directed by Sebastián Silva)
7:00 pm @ AMC Pacific Place

Like a delightful child, NASTY BABY reels you in with free-spirited laughter and a calm appearance. It isn’t until the climax that you realize this aptly named film has suddenly turned on you. From Chilean director Sebastián Silva comes this dark dramedy that not only stunned audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival but also took home the distinguished Teddy Award for Best Feature at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival and the Best US Dramatic Feature award at Outfest 2015.

Freddy (played by Silva himself) and Mo (“Tunde” Adebimpe), a genial gay couple in Brooklyn, have been attempting to get pregnant with their best friend Polly (Kristen Wiig) who eagerly wants to have a baby. Each member of this “modern family” approaches the world in a different manner: Freddy has a silly sensibility that leads him to create a project in which he acts like a baby, Mo provides balance in the relationship and fills their apartment with plants, and lighthearted Polly becomes earnest when it matters most. Problems arise when a troubled neighbor known only as “The Bishop” puts them all at wit’s end and events soon spiral out of control

NASTY BABY pleases with an embracing handheld style and down-to-earth performances by the whole cast, especially Wiig. It also challenges with engaging paradoxes, juxtaposing infantile behavior with adult situations that send the viewer into an awkward yet illuminating state of observation.

Centerpiece Reception at Il Fornaio Atrium Café, 600 Pine St, 9:00PM

Thursday, October 15, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) THURSDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 7 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

Naz & Maalik (directed by Jay Dockendorf)
7:00 pm @ SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Naz and Maalik are gay Muslims in Brooklyn—but nobody knows they’re together, especially their devout families. The teenagers are happy traipsing around the city selling lottery cards to earn extra money until they find themselves being followed by the FBI for a simple misunderstanding. Their lives now disrupted, Naz and Maalik have to face who they are and what they want with each other and out of life. Their charismatic portrayal of young men in love won newcomers Curtis Cook Jr. and Kerwin Johnson Jr. the Best Actor Award at Outfest 2015.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) WEDNESDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 6 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

What We Have (directed by Maxime Desmons)
7:00 pm @ Northwest Film Forum

Theatre and life become intertwined in writer-director-actor Maxime Desmon’s compelling film about Maurice, a Frenchman haunted by his past who seeks out the quietude of a small town. Things start off well as he lands a job tutoring 15-year-old Allan, as well as the lead role in a local production of a Molière play. The play’s stage manager turns out to be Michael, a handsome one-night stand whose further advances Maurice rebuffs. Instead, he finds himself becoming more drawn into Allan’s life as both protector and confidant. As the awareness of his actions sink in, so does their connection to his childhood.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) TUESDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 5 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

Winning Dad (directed by Arthur Allen)

Colby and Rusty are two handsome men in love. The only hitch: his conservative family thinks Rusty is a straight potential business partner in need of funding. Having convinced Rusty to go on a weekend camping trip in the mountains of Washington State with his homophobic father, Colby backs out at the last minute. Things go awry in the wilderness when Rusty decides to tell all, revealing a bit more than either of them can handle. Each man must redefine his idea of family in this locally led drama that gets right to the heart of matters.

Plays with: OUT THERE Hanna Brustad; 2014; UK; 4 min.
It’s rehearsal time for this young man as he gets ready to give his parents the big news.

*Contains sexual situations*

Party at Diesel, 1413 14th Ave, 9:00 PM

Monday, October 12, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) MONDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 4 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story (directed by Michael Stabile)
7:00pm @ SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Chuck Holmes, a San Francisco videographer who created Falcon Studios, single-handedly transformed the porn industry from back alley to mainstream, shaping how gay men saw themselves. He was also a founder of the Human Rights Campaign and Democratic fundraiser—but while his money was welcome, he often was not. This revealing documentary also features interviews with stars Jeff Stryker, Tom Chase, and Jim Bentley; Falcon directors Steven Scarborough, Chi Chi LaRue, and John Rutherford; and fans of the films, including John Waters and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears.

Party at Purr, 1518 11th Ave, 8:30 PM

Sunday, October 11, 2015

(SLGFF 2015) SUNDAY at the Fest!

It is Day 3 of the 20th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (SLGFF):

7:00pm CENTERPIECE: Beautiful Something (Directed by Joseph Graham)
SIFF Cinema Egyptian
Loosely based on writer-director Joseph Graham’s experiences in the ’90s, BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING weaves through the lives of four creative men during one night in the City of Brotherly Love. Brian, a poet with writer’s block and a penchant for being unlucky in love, manages to have a steamy sexual encounter with Jim, a hot young aspiring actor and dramatic muse for Drew (Colman Domingo, LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER, LINCOLN), a sculpted sculptor. Jim’s jealousy of Drew’s talent precipitates dangerous choices, which both inspire and infuriate Drew. Meanwhile, talent agent Bob cruises the streets in his big white limo playing both sugar daddy and knight in shining armor in a quest for his next stripling man-ingénue. They soon discover that their hollow, quick, dirty romps can’t mask their insecurities and failures.

Party at Gay City

Monday, August 3, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: Jackie Beat Wants YOU to Root for Her At Battle of the Bitches!

 by MK Scott

I must confess I have been a Jackie Beat Fan since the early 90's from the Wigstock Movie and a little 90's Indie Comedy called GRIEF. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform LIVE at ReBar a few years back where I said I would love an interview and now finally the timing was great to chat up her upcoming Battle of the Bitches with the Hirlarious, Sherry Vine for ONE Night Only. I chatted with Jackie by email.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

(OUTview NW) PRE-view: La Femme Magnifique Seattle drag pageant and competition in Town this weekend!

Since 1982, legendary drag entertainer and LGBTQ activist Darcelle XV of Portland, Oregon has sponsored La Femme Magnifique International, a drag pageant for The Most Beautiful and Glamorous Female Impersonators in the World. Winners have hailed from Portland, Tacoma, Denver, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and contestants have competed from as far south as Mexico City and north of Vancouver, British Columbia. What also makes this pageant special is that at the time the contestants compete, they must be drag queens and not have any gender reassignment or be on hormones.

 On Sunday, July 19th at Neighbours Nightclub, Latrina Bidet and Gaysha Starr will host the 34th Annual Seattle Pageant with 2014 Seattle La Femmes Diamond St James and Celys St James,  Darcelle XV (MK's Pal) from Portland, OR and former La Femme titleholders.

The competition categories for both the regional and international pageants are Black and White Presentation, where contestants can wear any combination of black and white, Formal Wear, Talent Presentation and Las Vegas Showgirl. Here they must balance heavy feathered and embellished headdresses while wearing skimpy, sparkly bodysuits and high heels, as if they don't have a care in the world. In between each category presentation, past La Femme Magnifique titleholders and special guests will perform.

Friday, October 17, 2014

(SLGFF 2014) What's at the Fest this FINAL Weekend?

The 2014 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Fest Concludes @ AMC Pacific Place, Here are our suggestions!

Fri, 10/17:

7:00p: Match (with Special Guest, Matthew Lillard)

9:45p: Eat with Me 

SAT, 10/18:

12:15p: The Muppet Movie 

1:00p: In with the OUT

3:00p: SHORTS: Real Queer Youth

4:30p: The Circle

7:00p: Xenia

9:45p: The Dark Place

SUN, 10/19:

12:30p: Honest Liar

2:45p: SHORTS: Family Ties

6:30p: CLOSING: Life Partners

Monday, October 13, 2014

(SLGFF 2014) What's at the Fest this week?

The 2014 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Fest Continues, Here are our suggestions!

MON, 10/13:

7:00p: Rosie @ EGY

9:30p: Power Play SHORTS @ EGY

TUES, 10/14:

7:00p: I Feel Like Disco @ EGY
          Trans Shorts @ NWFF 

9:15p: Never @ EGY
          The Way He Looks @ NWFF

WED, 10/15:

7:00p: Appropriate Behavior @ EGY
          Tough Love Shorts @ NWFF       

9:15p: Something Must Break @ EGY
          Queens and Cowboys @ NWFF 

Yes, Alec is coming and so are we!
 THURS, 10/16:

5:00p: Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy @ NWFF

7:00p: 52 Tuesdays @ EGY
           Chance Encounters Shorts @ NWFF

9:30p: A Reunion @ EGY

Saturday, October 11, 2014

(SLGFF 2014) What's at the Fest this weekend?

The 2014 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Fest has begun, Here are our suggestions!

SAT, 10/11:

12:30p: Limited Partnership @ EGY

2:30p: Silent Youth @ NWFF

7:00p: Tiger Orange @ EGY

9:15p: Club King @ EGY

11:30p; Lyle @ EGY

SUN, 10/12:

2:30p: Boy Shorts @ EGY
          Regarding Susan Sontag @ NWFF

7:00p: Blackbird @ EGY

9:30p: 10 Year Plan  @ EGY

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


LAS VEGAS – It’s that time of year again – the global pilgrimage of the world’s hottest ladies descending on Las Vegas, April 24-27, 2014. Girl Bar, in association with Truck Stop Girlz and Total Rewards by Caesars Entertainment, fill the city with tens of thousands of lesbians for DINAH Vegas 2014. Now in its third outing to Sin City, attendees will revel in non-stop entertainment, world class dining and gaming 24/7 from the city that never sleeps.

"When year to year attendance keeps doubling, we know from our patrons we are on the right track, producing one-of-a-kind events, filled with the world's hottest women!" exclaims producer Sandy Sachs. Adding, “Caesars has worked with us on a vision that is limitless in scope and as iconic as the city itself!”

Bigger and better than ever in 2014, Girl Bar, in association with Fuse Events will be taking over some of the most exciting and exclusive Caesars-owned locations in the city. The weekend will feature second-to-none events uniquely created by lesbians, just for lesbians, including a first at The London Club at Planet Hollywood and the one-of-a kind Flamingo’s gigantic main pool. Only Dinah Vegas attendees will be admitted to events, so you and your friends can relax, be yourselves and get your groove on in the level of comfort and style you've come to expect from Girl Bar and Truck Stop Girlz.

All the latest updates, as well as the full Dinah Vegas 2014 schedule of events, entertainment, tickets, hotel information and VIP travel package options may be found at www.dinahshoreweekend.com for the ultimate women's weekend experience.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

(OUTscene NW) PRE-view: CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE Flys IN and OUT of Seattle, This Weekend Only!

Now in its 5th year of touring multiple simultaneous productions, CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE is “so full of energy it could end our dependence on oil” according to the New York Daily News and “stuffed with so much holiday cheer and audacious acts, Scrooge would exit with a big ol’ smile on his face” proclaims the Erie Times News about this “Broadway-worthy spectacle”.

Renowned director Neil Goldberg re-imagines the holiday season with sparkle and suspense one can only dream of in a HOLIDAZE. An international cast of multi-talented and brilliantly costumed artists come to life and perform astonishing feats of disbelief. Experience gingerbread men flipping mid air, toy soldiers marching on thin wires, snowmen daringly balancing, icemen powerfully sculpting, penguins spinning, puppets dancing and reindeer soaring high above a landscape of holiday wonderment. An original music score and some seasonal favorites accompany hundreds of spectacular costumes and holiday dreams in a setting of gigantic gifts, colossal candy canes and 30-foot towering soldiers. The perfect way to come in from the cold, forget the holiday stresses and rediscover the magic of the season.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(OUTscene NW) PRE-view: Margaret Cho: 2013 MOTHER Tour Hits the Seattle Moore this Sat, Nov 16th!

Emmy & Grammy-nominated comedian and actress, Margaret Cho is set to perform at The Moore Theatre in support of her new stand-up comedy show called MOTHER. MOTHER is a complicated and completely original take on sex, queer politics, drugs, guns, identity and madness, proving time and time again that boundaries uncrossed are meaningless. Nothing is sacred, least of all, this MOTHER. The cornerstone of MOTHER revolves around Cho’s long-suffering Korean mom and a staple of her shows, Young-Hie Cho.

“It’s great because I get to put a lot of emphasis on my own mother,” Cho explains. “My mother did not prepare me for the world. First – I was named the poetic Korean name “moran” which was perfect for the kids at school to call me “moron” and set me up for a good quarter century of therapy. However, I can clea fish with my bare hands. So there are pros and cons of being from an Asian immigrant family.”

Cho’s TV show now in it’s 5th season, “Drop Dead Diva,” will air brand new episodes through the fall every Sunday on Lifetime .
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