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Sunday, June 19, 2016

(OUTview NW) INTER-view: MK gets the Dirt from Peaches Christ on "Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio?"

by MK Scott

She's  BACK! After taking 'Return to Grey Gardens' on the road in the last few years, Peaches Christ is back at Seattle's Egytian Theater this Thursday, June 23rd for 2 shows only!

Sister, sister, oh so big, why is their blood all over your wig...? Peaches Christ invites you to attend the Seattle Premiere of her hag-a-rific theatrical showcase "Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio?" starring the unmatched talents of...PEACHES and the Super crazy, BIANCA DEL RIO.

Don't miss the SEATTLE PREMIERE of the Peaches Christ production, "Whatever Happened To Bianca Del Rio?" Find out what happens when two aging drag sisters live out their later years together in a hag-arrific house of horrors.

Former child-star and RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio wants to re-mount the show she did as a little girl when her hit song "I've Written A Letter To Draggy" dominated the vaudeville circuit but her drag-sister Peaches Christ proves to be a burden on wheels. Don't miss this psycho biddy stage-show celebration of insanity. Bianca dolls and rat sandwiches included!

We were lucky to catch up with Peaches at last monthes, Sinema at Crypticon, and got a preview of the new show. 

Peaches at Sinema  (Matt)
MK:  Welcome Back to Seattle! We just saw you a Crypticon in Sinema last month and now you are bring you hugely successful parody with Bianca in What ever happened to Bianca Del Rio?

PEACHES CHRIST: Yes, that's right. I'm glad to be coming back!

MK: What do like about working with Bianca? Best and Worst qualities?

PC: Bianca is a total pro and we have both been working in drag for over two decades so there's a certain understanding about drag longevity that we share. I love her professionalism of course, but also her giant talent. I think that most newer fans of hers don't realize that she has a theatrical background in addition to being a great stand-up. I knew this and had heard about Bianca years and years ago starring in shows with mutual friends back in New Orleans so I was thrilled when she agreed to come out and do this play with me. I guess the worst quality is that she will ALWAYS BEAT YOU in a shade-throwing competition so don't even try it, not that I have. I'm not stupid.

MK:  I hear you hope to bring more shows to Seattle, we are willing to battle San Francisco, to keep you here permanently!

PC: Haha, I do love Seattle so much and so it's a real thrill to be coming up more often. I hope it just keeps happening! It's certainly a sister city to SF and so many of my Seattle sisters are people I've worked with for years and years like Sylvia, Jinkx, and Ben. I hope to bring up more productions regularly and maybe even premiere something in Seattle someday.

MK:  What is the status of your next film that we talked about in 2014? (My BF loved All about Evil when he saw it at Crpyticon)

PC: I have a call in with a potential producer this week and am really hoping to get the ball rolling!

MK: BURNING QUESTION: Last Fall, William Clift's Hush Up Sweet Charlotte screened in Seattle and it was shot in San Fran with lots of your pals including Mink and Heklina, were you even approached and asked to be in it? You would have been perfect in it.

PC: Thanks! No, I wasn't but I'm not sure I was right for it and really thought everyone in the film did such a great job. There's nobody I could have replaced!
Audience members are encouraged to don their best CHILD STAR COUTURE!

TWO Pride Week shows and TWO VIP meet & greet opportunities! Don’t miss out on your chance to see this hilarious Peaches Christ production LIVE at the SIFF Egyptian Theatre on Capitol Hill in Seattle!

The Egyptian Theatre, Thursday June 23rd, 7pm & 9pm

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/PeachesBianca

In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando we will be donating 50% of the profits from our 9PM show to Equality Florida.  ‪#‎WEAREORLANDO‬ To donate directly and learn about other ways you can help please visit www.WeAreOrlando.org

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