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Thursday, December 29, 2016

(OUTview NW) Best of 2016 For NW Music and Theater!

Olivia was FAB!

In 2016, OUTview NW continued to RE-view Concerts, Theater, and Comedy/Cabaret in Both Seattle and Portland. Here are Our Top 5 Faves in each category:

Top 5 Concerts:

1) Olivia Newton-John (Aug)
2) Duran Duran/Chic (Sept)
3)  Dolly Parton (Sept) and Bernadette Peters (Nov)
4) Weird Al (July)
5) Culture Club (July)

The Devil made us all squirm!   (Sound)

Top 5 Theater:

1) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot  (Sound)
2) Luna Gale (Seattle Rep)
3) Parade (Sound)
4) Really Really (Artswest) and Disgraced (Seattle Rep)
5) Psycho Beach Party (Fantastic Z)

You should see them without clothes!

Top 5 Comedy/Cabaret:

1) Who's Afraid of Bianca Del Rio? (June)
2) Seattle Vice (Jan)
3) Disney After Dark (March)
4) Andy Cohen with Anderson Cooper (Jan)
5) Realish Housewives of Seattle (Feb)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Seven divas from 'Rupaul's Drag Race' invade the Moore Theatre; Latrice Royale steals the show!

by MK Scott

Seven divas from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' hit Seattle's Moore Theater on Monday evening with 'A Drag Queen Christmas' and there were great performances; but the Queen of the Night went to Season 4's Latrice Royale who was the one of the queens that the audience stood up to applaud for and who actually had something to say that resonated with the audience.

'No orange man with bad hair is gonna steal my joy,' Royale said to the roaring crowd, after her splendid dancing, flagging and lip sync performance.

The event was hosted by Season 8 star, Thorgy Thor, who came out and kicked a stuffed head to the audience and asked the male receiver to come up on stage to drink a holiday shot.

The biggest upset of the night was a no-show by Season 4's Alyssa Edwards.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

(OUTview NW) PRE-view: Twisted Cabaret is Campy, Twisted Fun!

Olivier is a man with many talents!
Olivier is a man with many talents!

Twisted Cabaret is the ultimate date night show for your romantic someone; as long as that someone has a wicked sense of humor. Frank Olivier stars in this one man variety explosion. Frank has gathered together top variety artists from around the world. Jugglers, magicians, sword swallowers, and knife throwers all for this one special show; but on the big night the bus breaks down and Frank must play all the parts, do all the acts to save the show.

For this Valentine's edition of Twisted Cabaret, Frank has enlisted a live band, a beautiful lady, and a hunchback of dubious pedegree. Come see the show that has packed the Palladium each year for the past three years. You won't be disappointed.

Twisted Cabaret: Valentine's edition runs through Feb 27th at Hale's Ales Palladium Theater. Click HERE for Tix and Info!

Monday, January 25, 2016

(OUTview NW) CABARET RE-view: Seattle Vice is BACK and is 'PURE' Entetainment!

(John Cornicello)
by MK Scott

I admit I never saw last year's sold out run  of ACTLab's Seattle Vice, and I am so glad I waited because the show is back with more musical acts, a larger cast, a revised script, a bigger band, and more (incredible) dance numbers.

The new venue works perfectly for more reasons than one. The Triple Door - was once the historical home of The Embassy, once a XXX burlesque and vaudeville theatre. You feel you are taken back to the 1950's and 60's to a ritzy, jazz club that you only see in the movies.

Inspired by the book Seattle Vice by Rick Anderson, this cabaret musical set in 1965 combines dancing, comedy, and original music created by Mark Siano (Bohemia, The Habit, Soft Rock Kid) and Opal Peachey (Bohemia, Modern Luv, Café Nordo). A lively, historical peep-show, Seattle Vice is an immersive experience that takes the audience underground into one of Frank Colacurcio's (Jeff Spaulding) notorious night clubs. Vice tells the story of how Colacurcio came to dominate vice and crime during Seattle’s infamous “anything goes” era.

Seattle Vice features nightly guest burlesque and cabaret performers and is accompanied by the live seven piece band The Enablers.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

(OUTview NW) Cabaret RE-view: Artswest's AFTER HOURS Cabaret Series is Back and Better than Ever!

Jaeger (as Ethel) Returned to Artswest
by MK Scott

ArtsWest's After Hours Cabaret series was such a huge hit this past August, the West Seattle Playhouse decided to bring it back as a Special Holiday edition.

Last time AWP's Artistic director (and Gorgeous), Mathew Wright introduced some of the top ladies of the Seattle Musical Theater who he chatted with in a talk show format with occasional performance rolled in. Last summer, we attended the one with Seattle darling, Jessica Skerritt (Tom's Niece) who dazzled the audience and we got to see the person behind the actress.

So, this past Monday was the debut of the new series with nearly 2 acts devoted to its guest with Wright as more of an Emcee than Host.

The guest this week was the hilarious, Kate Jaeger, who was nominated for a Gregory for her  portrayal of Ethel Merman in Judy's Scary Christmas. Speaking of Jaeger, she even co-hosted the Gregorys this past month and showed her range as a singer and actress.

Monday, November 30, 2015

(OUTview NW) DON'T MISS: See Jinkx and Major in the "Hysterical", UNWRAPPED Only at the Seattle Rep!

by MK Scott

You loved them as The Vaudevillians, now love them as Jinkx and Major! Drag performers Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales return to Seattle Rep’s Leo K. Stage with more tunes, more laughs, mistletoe and menorahs. A holiday show like no other, Unwrapped.

As I arrived at the 5pm show this past Friday, I was welcomed by Jinkx (Jerick Hoffer) and Major (Richard Andriessen) with trays of cookies for their audience, Jinkx was gorgeous in an golden gown, and Major was distinguished.

During the show, Jinkx dressed in a flowing red gown with white trim, but refuses to do the show, she's a Jewish gay boy in a dress and thinks the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is one be giant black hole. Major urges her on and we get a mix of Jinkx/Kitty and Major/Dr. Dan's similar squabbles as in the Vaudevilians.

Too Much Holiday Spirit(s)?                   (Watters)
The Funniest moment was a tie. One with Jinkx lying near the edge of the stage and rolling off into the front row! As Jinkx drinks and drinks, she tries to sing the 12 days of Xmas sloshed in a very Lucy kind of way. Like Lucy, Jinkx excels in physical comedy and doesn't disappoint. Major has a 'major' solo number and commands the stage. Later, 100% sober Jinkx returned in a white robe with feather trim.

Jinkx and Major takes an unconventional approach to holiday classics. So drag yourself to the theatre for big cheer– and make sure to arrive early for photo ops!

See Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales in UNWRAPPED at Seattle Rep through December 13th. Click HERE for Tix and Info.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Once a Star, Always a Star; Ms. Pak-man at Rebar is Brilliant!

It's WAR for Ms. Pak-Man & Blinky!
by MK Scott

Back in the day (OK, the 1980's) if you didn't own a Commodore (I did) or an Atari, you would spend hours at the video arcade playing Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man, but it was Ms. Pac-man that stayed around for nearly a decade.

So when I heard about a comedy/Drag Show called, Ms Pak-man: Bonus Stage coming to Seattle's Re-bar, I thought it would be a scream and it happening during PAX Weekend was an added Bonus. I,  at first thought, Great, a Dina Martina wannabe with a Yellow Face with a Bowl-shaped costume, but what I saw was the beginning of the next Seattle bred, Drag Super-star (After Robbie Turner,  of course)! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Gay Uncle Time is a Monthly event of Out with the OLD and IN with the NEW!

by MK Scott

After enjoying myself immensely at West Side Glory a few weeks back, I was even more excited to attend for the first time to Gay Uncle-Time with Jeffery Robert and Company. 

What made this month so Delicious at Seattle's Monthly Celebration of Pop, Camp, Gay, Underground and Trash Culture from the 60's & 70's and BEYOND! was the celebration of the one and only Goddess Supreme of John Waters' Dreamlanders - Edith Massey. Actually, I was once a live-in "SLAVE" for someone who resembled her, (Save for the Book and movie version asking for a "Edith Massey Type").

Robert told the Story of  Massey through specially created posters of the Stars of John Waters, but it wasn't all about Divine or Edith Massey it also had Tab Hunter, Mink Stole and many more.

The audience at the Rendezvous was a mixture of young and old but true John Waters/Edie Massey Fans.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(OUTview NW) RE-view: It was a HOT time at the Summer West Side Glory, West Seattle's Queerest Event in years!

by MK Scott

When was the last time you had a very Queer Time in West Seattle (Not counting a night or 2 at OUTWest) and a time where a diversity of  Gay Men and Lesbians all share the same space for a night of variety and  Raunchiness. Back in the day, this event would have been held at the Now-deceased, Guppys or way down south in Kent at the old Trax Terminal, but now the honor happens at Skylark Bar in North Delridge.

The turnout this past Saturday for West Side Glory, a Quarterly Somewhat Queer Variety Show, was a pretty good turnout and the audience was a mix of Bears, Twink, Leather Daddies, Bi, Lesbians, Black and White and a few drag Queens, including Donatella Howe.

Starting off the night was the opening act of  Homer Marrs from Chicago! He had an awesome voice and a great style.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Artswest Strikes Gold (again) with a Series Showcasing the Ladies of Seattle Musical Theater!

By MK Scott

When West Seattle's Artswest Playhouse does any show lately it turns to Gold and they have done it again with a 4 week summer series called After Hours with Mathew Wright; Part-Cabaret/Part Retrospective, the Hot Young Artistic Director, Wright welcomes an up and coming Musical Theater leading lady for an Hour or more of Music and conversation.

I know this format well; I did this a few times in Portland, over 20 years ago with several top notch performers from Kathy Philpott to Lisa Marie Harrison.

There is one up and coming actress that I couldn’t wait to see showcased and she comes from good stock, that performer is Jessica Skerritt (Yes, one of those Skerritts).

Jessica is young and Blonde and has that Kristin Chenoweth vibe, especially when comes out to sing one of Chenoweth’s signature songs, Apt 14G. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

(OUTscene NW) RE-view: Edison Meets Freak Show in Cirque Du Soleil's "Kurios", playing at Seattle's Marymoor!

The Seeker                                                     /Cirque du Soleil
by MK Scott

Last week I caught American Experience on PBS, which focused on the life and accomplishments of Thomas Edison. A few months back, FX had American Horror Story: Freak Show. So, on Saturday I caught Cirque Du Soleil's "Kurios" at Marymoor Park, not too far from the Microsoft World Headquarters, of where both of those TV shows are combined in quite an impressive show!

Kurios is a Cirque du Soleil touring production under the full title of Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities. Created and directed by Michel Laprise, it looks at a late-19th century world inventor who invents a machine that defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him with steampunk elements featuring characters from another dimension that interact with him and a tribute to the power of the human imagination. For the Homage AHS: Freak Show, you have machines (Most invented by Edison from the Light bulb to the Electric Chair to the Movie Camera ) come to life. There were Siamese twins, contortionists, and a 3 foot tall woman, dressed like AHS:FS' Elsa. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

(OUTscene NW) RE-view: The Legend(s) of Ham for the Holidays Continues!

Platt as Euomi as Mary w/Gommels as God as Tony  P: Chris Bennion
By MK Scott

It is that time of year again that we get to Check IN with the Spudds and the Drama queens of the Sequim Gay Men's Chorus and More at Ham for the Holidays: Fear the Bacon.  Always performed by Seattle comedy legends of Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt! Also Last but not least the supporting talents of DJ Gommels and Michael Oaks and the beefcake of James Knoll.

Once again with a larger budget at ACT Theater and a Full house, this comedy masterminds went from sketch after sketch with professional ease.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(OUTscene NW) RE-view: the Robbie Turner Revue is 'Simply Flawless'!

La Vie Photography/www.LaViePhoto.com
by MK Scott

Now, there have been times when Robbie Turner has been mistaken around Town (Seattle) for the our very own, Jinkx Monsoon, but Robbie has come into his own, thanks to the web series Hit, 'Capitol Hill' and stepping away from Le Faux, which he played, everything from Liza and Gaga and many more for several years. Now Robbie has come into his own with his new monthly Revue at Seattle's Hard Rock Cafe (Yes, at the Hard Rock).

Directed by Famed, Seattle Director, Troy Wageman, this show has Timing and supporting cast of 5 (2 women and 3 men) singing and dancing behind Turner and perfoming separately during Turner's several Costume changes. Turner does his own singing as he transforms flawless as a Glamorous songtress.

The gorgeous costumes were designed and constructed by Rising Fashion Star, Michael Cepress. 

Yes, it was not 'Completely Flawless', the 2 sketches (The Church choir and Shari's) fell flat, mostly due to sound issues, from being on the far end of the bar, and the fact Turner was not on stage, then Turner arrived at the end to save the sketch from impending death to uplifting performance.

Overall, Watch Turner, follow in the footsteps of Monsoon and Delacreme to being the next rising star!

The Next Robbie Turner Revue will be on November 16th. Get your Tix Now!  


Friday, March 1, 2013

(MK SCOTT) MK catches up with the Legendary, Joey Arias as 'Lightning Strikes' Seatte!

by MK Scott

When I met the legendary, Joey Arias, in October 2010, I really felt the magic of someone special. Right before, the screening of her Documentary, 'Arias with the Twist', the story of his life and the eventual collaboration, with Famed Puppeteer, Basil Twist, I witnessed the on-camera interview from our special contributor, Adrian Ryan. Arias has seen it and been part of it and has traveled all over the world. The show, Zumanity,  that I saw in Vegas, while on Tour in 2011, was created for him (Edie the Entertainer has assumed duties)! When I heard that Arias was returning to Seattle with his touring show (with original composer, Kristian Hoffman), at REbar this weekend, I know I wanted to personally do this interview. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

(OUTscene NW) PRE-view: Boys! Bois! Boyz! starring Jett Adore and Waxie Moon!

Watch Out Chippendales, These are the Seattle Stars of Male Burlesque!

It's been six months since Boys! Bois! Boyz! thundered into Seattle with hot hunks of manflesh... it's coming back SOON to fill the void in your life!

Fri, March 1st at 7:30p and 10p.

West Hall, 2d Floor, Oddfellows Building
Seattle, WA

Jett Adore


Waxie Moon

Monday, February 4, 2013

(OUTscene NW) RE-view; Coco Peru's Got Balls and Brought it to Seattle's Rebar!

Via Facebook/Ashford
by MK Scott

It was in 1999 when many first knew of a the Tough-Talking New York bred, Drag Persona of Coco Peru (Clinton Leupp) when she made a cameo in the Indie flick, 'Trick'. It was only one scene in the men's restroom with Gabriel (Christian Campbell) and it showed her true talent of being a storyteller. 

This Past weekend Coco made an appearance at Seattle's ReBar (Her 4th time playing at this venue) and the audience Loved her before she even step out on the stage. Due to some technical difficulties, CoCo came out to a wild crowd and spent about 20 minutes with audience Q & A. When everything was resolved, Coco came back to the stage and started singing. Her voice was quite good and was a Broadway style and was able hold long notes especially during the Sinatra Hit, 'That's Life'.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(OUTscene NW) PRE-view: Homo For The Holidays: Seattle's Smörgåsbord of CAMPY Fun Returns starting 12/14!

Featuring an all-star cast of burlesque, cabaret, dance, drag, and musical local luminaries:
* BenDeLaCreme * Kitten LaRue *
* The Cherdonna and Lou Show * Jinkx Monsoon* Major Scales *
* Fuchsia FoXXX * Faggedy Randy * ilvs strauss *
*and introducing our NEWEST cast member, lil' Brace!*

Building on the success of last year's sold out run of shows, DeLouRue Presents, (the trio that brought you FREEDOM FANTASIA, Homo For The Holidays, and Party Schmarty) is thrilled to be offering up twelve chances to see "the premiere event of the true gay yuletide season"(The Stranger), now in it's fifth year!

Seattle, December 14th-24th: Homo For The Holidays! is a seasonal spectacle guaranteed to make even the most stubborn yuletides gay! An unforgettable all-star cast of burlesque, cabaret, dance, drag, and musical local luminaries come together in a display of glittering grandeur.

Homo For The Holidays! is a hearty holiday fruitcake packed with rollicksome reindeer, enticing elves, ghostly guests, sexy snowstorms, agile angels, musical Maccabees, and new ways to define coming home. It's not Christmas in July, it's Pride in December! Light your menorah, stuff your stockings, and join our chosen family in celebrating our favorite wintry holiday of all, Homo For The Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2012

(OUTscene NW) RE-view: Jackie Beat Brings her SUPER FUNNY and Infamous Holiday show to Seattle!

by MK Scott

There are 2 sides of Jackie Beat; the Classic Big Girl and sharp tongue that I first witnessed in 1993's  'Grief'. Jackie Played the female boss to Craig Chester and was as convincing as playing a woman as Divine in 'Hairspray'. Then there is the Outrageous Jackie that was featured in 2005's 'Adam and Steve' and personified in 2009's One Night stand up.

This Jackie that came to Seattle's Re-Bar, this Past Wednesday, was an equal mix that worked. In 2005, Beat lost over 170 lbs and looks great. Her appearance has been toned down and was a true Pro.

Jackie Beat's trademark is her own lyrics to Popular songs, She sings, doesn't not lip-synched, and is as bubbly as Dina Martina (Dina's Male Persona, Grady West was in attendance), but a little more Offensive.

Monday, December 3, 2012


JACKIE BEAT, self-professed bastard child of "Weird" Al Yankovic and Bette Midler, will perform at Re-bar (1114 Howell Street (at Boren Ave) on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 5TH!

This is Jackie Beat's mission: to poison every sacred belief and holiday tradition you can think of. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Ramadan, an evening with Jackie Beat is always the perfect antidote to holiday cheer. This comic celebration is a virtual stocking stuffed with hilarious new seasonal material and some classic Christmas Jackie including the right-wing pregnancy confessional "Santa's Baby," a menorah-loving "Jew Christmas," a booze-infused spin on "Happy Holidays" called "Alcoholidaze," and the self-explanatory "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Syphilis."

Do not miss this show!!  Get TIX! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

(OUTscene NW) Highlights from the Queen's BRUNCH (With No sign of Harry)!

by MK Scott

Was thrilled to finally get a chance to attend the Queen's Brunch, this past Saturday, hosted by the fabulous Sylvia O'Stayformore. One of the truly best Drag Queens in Seattle, traditional and sings her own songs. The Royal Room (5000 Rainier Ave S.) was the perfect venue for this.

The Food was good, light and fluffy and the coffee was endless.

Special Guests included Donatella Howe, Mama Tits, Ceasar Hart and the Iconic, Peggy Platt (Playing Mama Spudd). 
The Highlights were Sylvia's "Tyler the Latte Boy", Mama Tit's "New Attitude" and Peggy Platt's Mama Spudd. Missing was Prince Harry and the Beefcake.
The Queen's Brunch is on every 3rd Saturday at the Royal Room in Columbia City.
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