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Friday, July 5, 2013

(MK SCOTT) EXCLUSIVE: 80's Icon, Stacey Q is Back with Pride!

Stacey Adored MK               /MKS
by MK Scott

I admit that there was only one name at Seattle Pride this year, that I was excited to meet and chat with (Unlike last year with Amanda Lepore and Cazwell) and super hyped to track down. Back in High School, I was smitten with a 80's Blonde Bombshell (After Madonna, and before Kylie) named Stacy Q. When she appeared on Facts of Life as Cinnamon, a rival of Tootie, and have her perform her Hit, 'Two of hearts' and then walk off with my secret crush George Clooney was the icing. I always wanted to know what Happened to our Favorite, and she always remain a one hit wonder? VHI ranked 'Hearts' Top 27 of the all-time one hit wonders, and I would think we would hear more from the world of music and acting. After 20 years, Stacey is back and well-received from her Gay Fan Base. I caught up with Stacey Q at the Cuff Pride Street Party is Seattle's Capitol Hill, who was sharing a trailer with the Lady Bunny and R & B star, Crystal Waters.

MK: Okay. I’m at the Cuff Pride  party talking with Stacy Q. Welcome to Seattle!

STACEY: Hi, thank you. Hi everybody.

MK: How do you like being back in Seattle?

STACEY:  Yes, the first time I came to Seattle, when I really was young  so I was 18, when I was in Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. One of my girlfriends,  showed me the water. I fell Love with it, but this time it truly has meaning for me.

MK: What does this pride mean to you?

STACEY:  Well, I live in California, you know, either being a part of all this, overturn-Prop 8 victory. I told  in some ways, you know, all my really close friends, I don’t want to love anybody else, but I lost almost all my good friends before I was even 30 years old. So  I am  out to make new friends. So it, it really this Pride is a good experience.

MK: And you worked with the Q Project  guys, and even added Q to your stage name?

STACEY: Well, in ’81, yeah, that was my first record. I think it involves, I know the thing but I was very intrigued with them with Alvin’s songs on the computer. Yeah. Q and the original Q Project. And Danny Van patten he was one of the original members of Berlin and Jon St. James was my producer, and we all came from same studio as Berlin.

MK: Your Big Hit, Two of Hearts came out in 1986, and I was in High School, Tell me about the Lyrics and what the song means to you? 

STACEY:  Well, you know,  my best friend, Danny, who passed away 22 years ago. I had the  love everlasting with Danny, I loved him, I always will, he’s always with me. It’s so nice to hear you were able to catch the set as you were arriving.

MK: I remember you as Cinnamon on the Facts of Life.

STACEY: Is that One N or two? (LOL)

MK: (Laugh) And I saw you walking off with George Clooney.

STACEY: Yes, and he was getting off the show, yeah, he left the show and became my roadie so How lucky can you get!

MK: That’s brutal. Yeah, boy. What are you currently doing now?

STACEY: Well, currently I’m, we began, well, we did an album, Color Me, Cinnamon, you still can get that in was release a few years ago and still can get that and the singles from it. So after such a long hiatus, a 20 yr hiatus,  I don’t think we lost anything, I think we’re still here like I don’t want conceded or egotistical, I think we have to be ahead of the game. But it’s not Personal thing for me. I’m always playing for us all. I am getting some results.

MK: Well, we’re glad to have you back because we have Missed you.

 STACEY: So Great to see everybody and thank you so much for coming by.

MK: Well, thank you, I appreciate it.

It turns out Stacey has roots in Portland and is close with 80's Icon Valerie Day (Nu Shooz) and I have a date to hang out with Stacey, Valerie, along with Rindy Ross (Quarterflash) sometime in the near future. Of course you all will tag along. Get Stacey's Album Here!

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