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Sunday, March 24, 2013

(OUTscene AMERICA) INTER-view: Getting Candid with Jaymes Vaughan; 'A Total Doll'!

 by David Luc Nguyen

You know him as the gay-half of the Chippendale’s duo that won America’s hearts during the 21st season of “The Amazing Race”. People all of the country fell in love with Jaymes Vaughan and his BFF, James Davis as they tried to win the grand prize to help Jaymes’ father battle a rare form of cancer. Though the show may be over, it looks like Jaymes Vaughan’s Amazing Journey is just beginning. Following his team’s respectable second place finish, the heart throb is in high-demand.

“It’s unbelievable the response we (he and his TAR teammate) have received. I feel like a Kardashian!” he jokes. “Amazing Race has opened so many doors for us. We’ve been asked to make public appearances, speak at charity events, been on several TV shows (including “Ellen”), and were just finished filming the pilot for a reality series AND a travel show.” Though all of the high profile media events are exciting for Jaymes, what he has really enjoyed the most is educating young people.

“I hope to be able to take advantage of a platform the show has given me. I want to be an example for anyone who doesn’t feel like they fit in. As a fourteen-year-old growing up in rural Chesterfield County, Virginia I had no one to look up to. My mama told me I better not be gay and my church told me gay people would go to hell. I also had a best friend who killed himself because he didn’t fit in. I know what it feels like to be hopeless. Let me tell you there is always hope. If someone like me can make it, anyone can.”

Jaymes takes the opportunity to talk to kids in high school about his personal journey very seriously. “It’s a chance to open hearts and minds. It’s really cool to meet people who saw us on the show and see that just because I’m gay doesn’t make me weird. It’s made this whole experience come full circle. If I can give just one kid hope, I’ll know that what I went through growing up was worth it.” Despite all of his astounding accomplishments he continues to strive to make a difference.

Despite being on the cover of national magazines, a headliner in Las Vegas, a host of several TV shows, and plastered all over billboards, he continues to keep an endearing humbleness about himself. “I define success as continuing to grow and learn more every day. I thought for so long you had to cover up who you were. I’ve realized you are truly successful when you’re being true to yourself.” On his road to self discovery he has not only opened doors for himself but others as well.”

So what’s next for the Southern Charmer? People Magazine recently featured his new single “Tonight” which he released when his father’s condition took a turn for the worse and proceeds will go towards his care. The song is available now on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Jaymes also looks forward to being the first White Party Ambassador and host of the White Carpet at the White Party Palm Springs March 29th – April 1st! (Check out www.jeffreysanker.com for details and ticket information!) Vaughan admits this will be his first time to the event and isn’t taking the same approach a lot of my Facebook friends are taking.

While my friends (myself included) are constantly checking into the gym, going to cross-fit classes, dieting, and detoxing, Jaymes admits he’s taking a different approach. “I’ve been eating a lot. In the South when someone is sick, family and friends constantly bring you food which is often comfort food and desserts. He chuckled as he said, “I just finished eating a whole chocolate pie.” “Well for those of us who aren’t genetically blessed and can’t eat a chocolate pie and once again procrastinated about working out, what would you recommend,” I asked. “Don’t under estimate the power of cardio. Add little things like parking far away. Instead of sitting around the house, go for a walk around your neighborhood. While you’re at it, get to know your neighbors! When you exercise do something that’s fun. I like to go canoeing or hiking with friends. Lastly, remember to watch what you put into your body. It’s simple math. Burn more calories than what you take in.”

In addition to their bodies, my friends are obsessing about what they will wear to the main event. (I’m sure they are all busy sewing and hot glue gunning as the read this article…) Jaymes admits he hasn’t even thought about it and isn’t sure what to expect as he’s a virgin to the White Party. “I’m not a big shopper. When I do shop I love Ross Dress for Less. I can’t bring myself to spend $3,000 on a jacket. I’d rather spend $30 and buy jackets for a hundred more people. The only time I ever get dressed up is when I host the local version of “Entertainment Tonight” for Las Vegas. Maybe I’ll just make it easy and wear my Chippendale’s bow tie and a pair of white jeans. Maybe even throw in a white top hat!”

Candid Talk With Jaymes Vaughan
• I don’t wax or tweeze my eye brows! I have my dad’s girly eye brows!
• Despite the rumors, I’m not in relationship with James Davis, (my Amazing Race partner). We are best friends.
• I’m not a huge fan of wearing a lot of clothes. You’ll usually find me shirtless, a pair of flip flops, and a pair of basket ball shorts.
• I used to be on the janky version of the Mickey Mouse Club when I was 13. It was called the “Fox Kid’s Club.” We didn’t have a huge cast or budget. It was just four kids and a guy dressed up in a Fox Costume.
• I’m not a gold star gay. (A gold star gay means you’ve only been with guys)
• If I were a Disney Princess I’d be Tiana from the Princess and The Frog (obviously because I’m from the South and I come from a mixed family). Or I could be Cinderella, too but I’d probably lose my flip flip, not a glass slipper. I’m not really a princess though. I’m more like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and James is like Eeyor.

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