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Sunday, March 31, 2013

(LIST) History's 50 Hottest TV Actors (24-20)!

What follows is a list of History's 50 Hottest TV Actors, according to Boy Culture. Feel free to chime in with the guys you think I left out, the ones I love who you hate and with any corrections. In the Next 2 weeks, find out who is #1!

#24 Trevor Donovan (1978—) Undeniably one of the most horny-making TV blonds ever, he's got a look that would have fit into any of the last few decades. Now we just need to get him on a watchable TV show. Days of Our Lives (2007), 90210 (2009—)

#23 Darren Criss (1987—) On Glee, he's gay. Off Glee, he's not. But he has a softness that makes you want to hug him closely while he's doing awful things to you down there. Adorable. Little White Lie (2009), Eastwick (2009), Glee (2010—)

#22 Ricky Nelson (1940—1985) Lots of guys are hot, lots of guys are sexy, but very few are so blindingly beautiful you just want to put a drop cloth over them until you can figure out a way to charge admission to gaze upon them. Ricky was all that and more on The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, and damned if he couldn't sing, too. He was the first teen idol and remains one of the best. A side-by-side comparison with Justin Bieber would not be advantageous for the latter. Sumbitch looked great up until he died, too, at age 45 in a tragic New Year's Eve plane crash. Here Come the Nelsons (1952), The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952—1966)

#21 Jack Scalia (1950—) You'd think from my list that I'm just a whore for Italians, but you'd be wrong—I wouldn't charge. Least of all Jack Scalia. He has that impossible handsomeness and yet that air of assholishness that go so well to make a man stand out for me and make me want to kneel for him. A former athlete, he has starred in something a dozen TV shows, none of which I recall—but he's unforgettable. At least, to look at. The Devlin Connection (1982), Berrenger's (1985), Hollywood Beat (1985), Wolf (1989—1990), Dallas (1987—1991), Tequila and Bonetti (1992), Pointman (1995), All My Children (2001—2003)

#20 Tony Danza (1951—) Usually playing dumb as a post, he nonetheless always seemed well aware of the effect his naturally studly build could have on the naked eye, doing things like squatting in locker rooms whenever cameras were around. Imagine the agony Danny Pintauro must've been in back when they were filming Who's The Boss? Taxi (1978—1983), Who's the Boss? (1984—1992), Baby Talk (1991—1992), Hudson Street (1995—1996), The Tony Danza Show (1997—1998), The Practice (1998), Family Law (2000—2002)

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