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Friday, July 20, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: American Idol Alum, DeAndre Brackensick on Coming Out, Belonging and Music!

By MK Scott

Saturday, July 21st will mark the 4th Annual Alki Beach PRIDE with the years theme, COME OUT and Float at the Beach. From 11a to 6pm, join performers and FREE food and hang out at the beach. Hosted by Thadayus with music by DJ Ms Cruz Entertainment & DJ Fred Eddison and LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Louvel, Visage “Legs” LaRue, Izohnny, Lakin, and DeAndre Brackensick.

From 2009 to 2012, I was proud of my work as being the only NW LGBT media to cover the American Idol tour. It was 2012 at the Key Arena, where I met DeAndre Brackensick. I could tell there was something magic about him. He had lots of passion when talking about his gay fans and that he had family that were gay and grew up around lots of drag queens. So, I was still surprised when he confirmed that he is Bisexual. I could find no mention of this on line, just a short-term relationship with Season 11 runner up, Jessica Sanchez. Despite this revelation, I management to ask the heartthrob, now 23, some questions (by email on July 17) about performing this weekend.

MK Scott: DeAndre, we met about 6 years ago on the America Idol tour, at the Key arena and it was joint interview with Elise Testone. What have been doing in the last 6 years?

DeAndre Brackensick : Ahh beautiful! I remember that interview ! Hope you’re well! I’ve been working a lot the past 6 years , went to college in Hawaii , have been traveling singing , spent the last year living in Melbourne Australia recording my album “Black Denim” that just released . And plan on touring that for the next year !

MK: So, you are coming the Alki Pride Beach Party this Saturday, what is planned?

DeAndre: I’ll be at Alki Pride singing a set mixed with originals and covers and just enjoying the day and being around beautiful people .

MK: What does Pride mean to you?

DeAndre: Pride is an important time to me , being part of the LGBTQ community it’s a time for me to reflect and remember who I am is to be celebrated not only for this month but the whole year . Even though we have progressed in the world it’s still hard to be LGBTQ , there’s still little kids out there and adults with no support from family , public bullying , even homeless because of who they are . So I think pride is nessacary to show not only the world but most of all our community that’s it’s ohkay to love and live and we’ll always have a place in the world .

MK: What part of the LGBTQ community do you identify as?

DeAndre: I identify as bisexual.

MK: WOW! Single or attached?

DeAndre: Yes I’m single.

MK: In 2012, you mentioned J-Lo was huge supporter of yours, do you still keep in touch?

DeAndre: Unfortunately me and jlo don’t keep in touch but I still love her lol

MK: Also in 2012, you revealed that you had a connection to the LGBTQ community through your lesbian aunt and being raised around drag queens, do you have any celeb drag queens that you follow?

DeAndre: And yes my aunty is happily married to her wife since last year July still goin strong , and yess I do have a few celeb drag queens that follow me , my girl Adore Delano , Delta Work , trinity k Bonet and coco Montrese.

MK: What is next for you?

DeAndre: What’s next for me is I’m getting my Album tour dates set up and sharing my music with the world .

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