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Friday, January 17, 2014

(SOAP Q) Lucas (EO and DH's Ryan Carnes) returns to GH, TODAY!

Upon his birth in 1989, Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod) arranges for the baby to be sold on the black market, leading Cheryl (Jennifer Anglin) to believe her son died at birth. Former Hooker, Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) buys the infant and names him after her brother, Luke (Anthony Geary). At the time, Lucas is believed to be Cheryl's son with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), whom becomes Lucas's godfather when the boy is christened in 1989. Bobbie and Tony Jones marry shortly after. Meanwhile the Jerome family lawyer, Mark Broxton, hides Lucas's identity in a secret file called the "Billon Dollar Baby."  Cheryl admits that Julian is Lucas's father and together the start looking for him. To avoid jail time, Broxton attempts to use the information about Lucas in exchange for his freedom. Robert confronts Bobbie about her schemes, and Tony leaves her. Cheryl later leaves town with Lucas in tow. In late 1992, Cheryl is killed in a car accident, and Lucas is taken in by his aunt Tiffany Hill (Sharon Wyatt) and her husband, Sean Donely (John Reilly). In her will, Cheryl leaves custody of Lucas to Bobbie and Tony. However, Tiffany decides to fight for custody. Bobbie wins custody, and she and Tony officially adopt Lucas in March 1993.

Teen Lucas (Ryan Carnes, BEFORE Eating Out and DH) begins dating Brook Lynn Ashton.  Lucas and Brook Lynn eventually break up. In the fall of 2005, Lucas admits to his family and friends that he is gay. Though Bobbie defends her son, she immediately wants to get him counseling. Lucas is shocked by how supportive Tony is about the news and Lucas is devastated when Tony dies in February 2006. Lucas also dates his high school friend, Guy Tucker (Nicholas DiNardo). Lucas later moves to Seattle, Washington.

Lucas returns to Port Charles when Bobbie informs him that Carly (Laura Wright) is missing. With his Bio Dad, Julian still alive will he be accepted? Will he Hook up with Felix or Brad? Will he bond with his half-sis, Sam and nephew, Danny? Will he be PC's first ever Gay Mobster? STAY TUNED!

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