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Monday, July 22, 2013

(OUTscene NW) RE-view: Season 12's American Idol LIVE was more Ensemble than DIVA!

The Girls back Candace, as she did for them   /MKS
by MK Scott

For the 5th year in a row,  I was there covering the IDOL Live Stop in the Seattle area. (My annual interviews have been postponed until Possible Fall or Winter) Last Friday, I attended the concert, which was the first show on the tour. The Venue selection was downsized from 2 years (2010, 2012) at the Key, 1 Year (2011) at Comcast in Everett, and the 1 Year (2009) at the Tacoma Dome (Adam Lambert's Year). This year was in all places Kent, WA (Season 10's Stefano Langone's Hometown) at the Showare Center. There were plenty of empty seats, and which also happened to be the same night as Paul McCartney at Safeco field. But of course since it have been 2 Months (May 16th was the Finale) since the  Idol Top 10 have been in the limelight. The advertising for the show was pretty minimal, but once again Idol must reinvent itself next season.

The show started with a Girl medley Blurred Lines, Candice Glover is singing with the girls, and clearly part of the group, Don't call her a Diva like Nikki and Mariah!

Joining the Top 10, was NW Native,  Aubrey Cleland, from West Linn, OR who performed Beautiful Nightmare in a kickass pink sparkly dress and was flawless with “Sweet Dream”.

Burnell, Devin and  Curtis do JT's, 'Suit and Tie' and work well together.

Paul came in 9th place, but was clearly the Favorite Male /MKS
Super Talented, Paul Jolley sang 'Blown Away' (Still shocked he came in 9th place).  Janelle,  Angie, and  Devin were backup vocals. The Background Graphics were cheap and annoying. It was hard to get decent photo of Paul in a White jacket. 

It's Country Time : Janelle with  Paul and Kree singing back up to Rascal Flatts' Summer Nights.

Curtis singing Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man.  Super really high falsetto with all manner of runs.

Amber singing “We Found Love” rocking harem pants. I guess these are supposed to be her dance moves idk. She’s behind the beat a little and not driving the energy of the song.”

Aubrey, Amber & Angie singing The Way” Ariana Grande cover aka the song that Jordin Sparks wrote.

 The Idol boys are up with “Locked Out Of Heaven”!  Soon after, Devin goes solo with 'Impossible' in English and Spanish. Get it, Devin.

Burnell singing Rihanna’s Diamonds. Amber now duetting with him. The stylists are A+ this year.

Kree, Paul,  Angie,  Lazaro,  janelle sing  'We Are Young”!

Second half opened with 3 Angie songs, (“You Set Me Free“, “Put it On Me”, etc)

You won't Catch Lazaro wearing anything less! /MKS
Lazaro sang Gaga's  Edge of glory with nice coloured outfit. He is quite Flamboyant.

Kree now with janelle and Paul backing up. Singing that one everyone lived on the finale. (Hot guitarist is here btw) – “Up to the Mountain”.

Quality of solo performances in second half no comparison to first half.

The American Idol, Candice Glover sang “Love Song” and "Beautiful". 

Candace Aint No Diva, and that a good thing!
Everyone came back for the Finale, if this group is smart they should stay together. This group had just a few stand outs including Angie Miller being the Top Female and Paul Jolley being the Top male. Lazaro and Devin were equal. Kree has her fans, while  Candace showed grace and elegance and never left the group behind.

Looking forward to see what happens next year!

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