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Friday, May 10, 2013

(MK Scott) MK's Follow Up with Jinkx Monsoon about Monsoon Season!

by MK Scott 

A Storm Hit this past week across the Nation that has been called simply, Monsoon Season. I was thrilled to be the only NW based Outlet to attend the Taping of the official crowning of Seattle's own, Jinkx Monsoon in LA this past week. I spoke to her afterwards and she was overwhelmed. This past week I followed up with her after this incredible week. (ED....MK also spoke with Jinkx on the GLAAD Red Carpet in San Francisco this past Saturday, stay tuned for that)  

MK: Now that the Season has aired and you were crowned the Next Drag Super star, How do you feel?

JINKX:  I feel humbled by the fact that the biggest honor, privilege and responsibility has been bestowed upon me. I really feel like this was my destiny and I am excited for the year ahead of me.

MK:  At first you were quiet during so Untucked scenes, and you experienced the Bitch fests and name calling, how hard was it to not Laugh or Jump in?

JINKX:  It was easier than you think not to jump in. I normally would only chime in if I had something very important to say or if I thought I could settle a dispute with my observations... But as the numbers dwindled the ability to stay out of the fuss lessened. Sometimes the fights were so ridiculous. Thank god for my Absolut cocktail!

MK:  You really hit your own during snatch Game with Little Edie, were you shocked that most of the queens didn’t know who little Edie was?

JINKX:  Shocked? Maybe not shocked. I understand that Little Edie is a little obscure for some modern day drag queens, but it's all relative. I'm more acquainted with the stars of yesteryear, but there are plenty of contemporary pop artists. So in the end, all that mattered was that the judges knew where I was coming from.

MK: Have you seen 5th Avenue/ACT’s Grey Gardens yet? Could you see yourself really playing her?

JINKX:  It is a challenging role to play in the musical - to go from playing Big Edie in the first act and Little Edie in the second act - but it's a challenge I would LOVE to tackle. I've seen two productions of Grey Gardens now and all I will say is that role DESERVES to be played by a drag queen who loves the Bouvier-Beale legacy as much as I do.

MK:  When you talked about your Family, and became emotional was that to hard to film?

JINKX: Yes, certainly. I never meant to air our dirty laundry on TV. When you're in those extenuating circumstances, you begin to reflect and all kinds of things surface. I was in a room full of sisters and something inside of me felt like it was important to share a little of my past with my fellow competitors. As we saw, many of the other girls could relate in one way or another. The issues of me and my family, however, had long since been resolved. My mom and I had a great relationship before I even started drag race. But no matter what, that was a part of my childhood and a huge part of what made me who I am today. I LOVE my mom and My Aunt who played role of "second mother" to me and I am the person I am today not only because of the lessons they taught me growing up, but also because of the strength we gained through adversity. We learn just as much from our lows as we do from our highs, if not more.

MK:  It must been great to have them there for the finale?

JINKX: It was amazing to have my mother and brother there for filming. I feel like I won not just for me, but for my blood family, my chosen family and my amazing friends who have helped shape my destiny with me from the moment I first stepped on stage. A person is nothing without their network of loved ones and I am terribly lucky to have such a supportive and loving one.

MK How will you juggle the Acting (Hairspray), Hosting (Le Feux), Drag Race duties in the coming year?

JINKX: To be honest, it would be impossible to do it all. So my responsibilities and duties as RuPaul's next drag superstar are taking the forefront now for me. However, when I can find ways of combining my passion for the art of drag and my love of theater, like with Hairspray at The 5th ave. Theater in Seattle and The Vaudevillians at The Laurie Beechman theater in New York, then I am one happy little dragtress. Le Faux has graciously cut me loose from my duties as host while I embark on this journey, but when I am in Seattle and have a weekend free I will still host/guest star at "An evening at Le Faux" at Julia's on Broadway in Seattle, because it is my home and always will be.

MK: Drag-U? Hosting SNL (There is a Facebook page to get you to Host Saturday Night Live)?

JINKX: I haven't heard anything about Drag U, but if SNL calls I will not only answer, I will run, full throttle, as it has always been my dream to be the first drag queen host of SNL.

MK: Any plans of what to do with the $100K?

JINKX: Get the student loan folks off my back, help my little brothers accomplish some of their dreams, you know, share the wealth and all that. And I will definitely be buying a few special presents for myself and my closest friends; first and foremost an new computer. Mine is giving me the blues.

MK:  Now that the door is open, who should be represent Seattle next in Season 6?

JINKX: I have two sisters that I fully endorse equally, Robbie Turner and Ben DelaCreme. But really, Seattle has so much to offer, I'm sure whoever would go next would do Seattle and the Northwest proud.

MK In one word describe……Alaska? 
JINKX: Magical

JINKX:  Fierce

JINKX: Brilliant

JINKX:  Joyful

JINKX:  decadent

JINKX: Goddess.

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