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Friday, March 29, 2013

(CLASSIC MOMENTS) 30 days of GH--#4!

Tony hears his Daughter's Heart in his Niece! 
General Hospital Turns 50 in 4 Days, and we will be counting down with the Greatest moments in TV History. Today we focus on the social Issues that Made General Hospital re-invented in the 90's. But first in the 60's and 70's, it was about Spousal Rape (I was shock How much spousal rape had occurred to the both of the main characters, Audrey and Jessie) and Alcoholism (Lee Baldwin). In 1979, Laura's Rape was re-written as a Forced affair. The 80's was about Action and Adventure, but in 1988, it featured the first Interracial Marriage of Tom and Simone. In the 90's, it was all about realism with Steve and Audrey dealing with Old Age and being attacked in their home by a Psycho  The 90's dealt with Sexual Abuse, Heart Donation, AIDS, Breast Cancer, Drug Addiction, and Rape. From 2006 to 2011, the Last Taboos were lifted with Lucas' Coming Out, Sonny's Bipolar, Robin's Postpartum, and Michael's Prison Rape. Enjoy the clips Below.

Daytime's First Interracial Marriage; Tom and Simone-1988

Karen's Abusive Past-1993

BJ's Heart-1994

Stone Dies of AIDS-1995

Alan Deals with Monica's Breast Cancer-1995

Alan's Drug Addiction-1997

Liz's Rape-1998

Lucas is Gay-2006

Robin's PostPartum Depression-2009

Sonny is BiPolar-2011

Michael's Rape-2011

Steve and Audrey deal with Old age abuse-1993

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