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Thursday, February 14, 2013

(WINTER HUNKS) Oliver Kieran-Jones from GLEE!

Oliver Kieran-Jones, 2?  has new gig as Adam Crawford, the first boy to sweep Kurt Hummel off his feet on "Glee" after this season's breakup of power-couple Klaine. (But it's "Glee" so we're not counting anything out!)

Oliver-as-Adam made his first appearance two weeks ago with a cheeky performance of "Baby Got Back" alongside his ragtag NYADA glee club, the Adam's Apples, and will continue for at least two more upcoming episodes this season. We caught up with Kieran-Jones to talk about his whirlwind "Glee" casting, what he thinks of his character Adam and the fan reaction to him, and what it's like jumping the pond to try his hand at the American film and TV scene.

Were you familiar with "Glee" before you were cast as Adam?
When it first came out I was obsessed with it.  Me and my friends were really into it in England. It's massive in the UK. I knew all the principal characters, I had watched season 1 and 2 but not season 3.  I didn't know where the plot had gone too and I didn't know who the character was I was auditioning for. It was very secretive about who the character was and the names had changed. I didn't really know what I was auditioning for and I didn't know what I got until I got my first script.

So you didn't know he was meant to be Kurt's new love interest?
I knew he was the love interest of someone, because the scene was a love interest scene. Episode 11 was rewritten, they were originally more obvious that he fancied him.  I was aware it was a guy, I was aware it was a gay or bisexual character.  I didn't know it was Kurt, I didn't find that out until the formal offer came through.

Are there any other songs you're hopeful to do on Glee?
I'd love to do some British influenced stuff, some Ed Sheeran. My voice is more funky, soul I feel. I'd like to do something with an edge to it. I've always sung, I've got quite a bit of range. I've been offered West End musicals before, but I really class myself as an actor.

How do you feel about Adam as a character?
I don't know what I'm allowed to say so I dare not say anything! My process of developing characters is to fall in love with them anyway, so I'm probably biased. I think he's an amazing, amazing person for a number of reasons, standalone and regardless to his relationship with Kurt. What intrigued me most and was difficult to make sense of is why this guy who from the outside seems he'd be relatively popular and have a lot of stuff going on for him. But he's the head of a group of misfits and running this glee club. There were two ways to go with the dialog I read -- you could make him a little bit arrogant and smarmy but kind of charming, or you can infuse him with warmth. I felt like, for me, that's where he comes from. Despite the outside, he actually feels extremely vulnerable and extremely like a misfit. I think that's perpetuated by the fact that he's gay and had to deal with that, perpetuated by the fact that he's in New York and feels like an outsider.

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