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Showing posts with label ester's VIEWS FROM A BROAD. Show all posts

Friday, January 4, 2013

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of BAD Boys (and a few Twats)!

OUTview's #1 Column of 2012!

by Ester Goldberg

NICK STAHL was Arrested for "Lewd Act" in Porno Store? It hasn't been a good year for Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl. In his latest apparent misstep, the actor was arrested Thursday evening by LAPD vice officers who said that found him in a private booth, watching a porno and committing a "lewd act," ( wanking) according to TMZ. The cops can go into a private booth?

Twilight' Actor Bronson Pelletier -- PEEING in the Airport Terminal!!

OMFG! ...Nobody's got no class! and he was drunk and cracked out at a WEho bar recently too ! he sais he didn't pee in public...OOPS he DID!

In the video, an airport employee approaches Pelletier ... and then he spins around, whips out his penis and starts peeing ... for a very, very LOOONG TIME! Interestingly, the airport employee stands by patiently waiting for him to finish.

TMZ broke the story .. Pelletier was arrested for public intoxication at LAX after getting thrown off a flight for being too drunk.

Friday, December 28, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) 5 Weeks (IN 2012) of Scandal, Whores and WTF?!

In 2012,  International glamour puss of all media, Ester Goldberg became part of the OUTview Family and quickly garnered the most hits of any column and was voted  our #1 Column in 2012. Ester's Brash and call it like it is humor is what we all look forward to every Friday. This Year of Fame Whores, Scandal and WTF?! moments and Ester's take and images entertained us with a Scandalous look at the Trainwrecks in the world of Hollywood Gossip.  Here are Ester's View Top 5 Weeks, according to our Readers (Based on Page Views.).

5. a WEEK of....SCANDAL! 

4. a WEEK of....SIN! 

3. a WEEK of....MAN-WHORES! 

2. a WEEK of....WTF?!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

(Best of 2012) the TOP 5 Columns on OUTview!

In 2012, OUTview went back to its Roots and brought more columns from different Views and different parts of the world, so Here are our Top 5 COLUMNS, according to our Readers (Based on Page Views.)


4. JESSE on the BRINK



Friday, December 21, 2012

(ester's 'VIEWS from a BROAD') XXX-Mas ALERT!

by Ester Goldberg

Looking at Porn Causes Short-Term Memory Loss? A new study out of Germany has found that looking at porn actually causes temporary short-term MEMORY LOSS. Men did significantly worse on memory tests after looking at porn than after looking at non-sexual images. The researchers say it could be an insight into why people addicted to porn skip things like work, sleep, appointments, and family responsibilities.

Sexual arousal interferes with working memory, an important facet of executive functioning,' said study author Christian Laier, a graduate student studying under psychologist Matthias Brand.

Because the current study focused solely on heterosexual men, it is impossible to say whether the findings would apply to gay men or to women.

Friday, December 14, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) Freaking OUT!

by Ester Goldberg


Depending on whether you believe an ancient Mayan calender or not, December 21 could perhaps be the end of the world.

China in particular appears to be taking this seriously, with panic buying of candles reportedly sweeping across two counties in the province of Sichuan. Residents are believed to be worried about "three days of darkness" when the end of the world arrives.

Friday, December 7, 2012

(Ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a ROYAL Flush!

by Ester Goldberg

THE ROYAL FETUS! KATE MIDDLETON is pregnant! Get ready for NON stop 24/7 Morning Sickness coverage

I just started following the ROYAL FETUS on twitter: Well ...Looks like the tabloids have their new media Obession: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby, according to an official statement just released by palace officials, who confirm that Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 30, are adding a royal boy or girl to their mix.

Nurse Hoaxed By 'Queen's' Call Found Dead!! to commit Suicide over this? just wow...... Im sorry i understand its a big deal for my Brits friends..but the American media has blown the pregancy out of proportion. We don care...just like most of America could care less about Kardashians..and all the other fame whore ..Publicist pay to get coverage.

HOWEVER..this is sad.. to commit suicide over this!!

The hospital receptionist who was hoaxed by a prank call from a DJ claiming to be the queen asking about Kate Middleton has been found dead.

"It is with very deep sadness that we confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff," the hospital said in a statement released today.

Friday, November 30, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of WTF?!

by Ester Goldberg

NBC announces yet ANOTHER F*CKIN Singing show "THE WINNER IS... " with Nick Lachey...UGHH!

How many more muutha fuckin Singing shows does this country need? I mean..c'mon this is crazy!

From the producers behind "The Voice," the unscripted entry will pit dueling contestants of all ages and configurations against one another to be judged by a studio audience...YES JUST LIKE AMERICA'S GOT TALENT......!

Friday, November 23, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of STOCKING Up and SUCKING Up!

by Ester Goldberg

Twinkie Shortage? Shoppers Stock Up As News Of Hostess Bankruptcy Spreads On Twitter

I heard TWINKIE shortage and thought MY GAWD..What will RAGE in West Hollywood do?

Hostess Brands Inc., the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, says it's going out of business, leading some Americans to stock up on the sweet processed treats in case they disappear from shelves.

PEOPLE are rushing to Buy the last Twinkies & Ding Dongs Setting prices on EBAY $1000 a box!

Ya know our country is occupied by a army fat asses whose lives seem to be traumatically affected by fucking TWINKIES! yes FUCKIN TWINKIES!! As Folks in Staten Island have no electricity or food - New jersey coast is a giant sand bar. and folks are on food stamps... People are acting as the Mayan Apocalypse happened on November 16 instead DEC!

Friday, November 16, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of BOOZING BALLS!

by Ester Goldberg

First Loves JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ BREAKUP .. "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go...unless you are a Victoria's Secret model!

When you are the worlds most famous Teen with raging hormones and almost naked 19 year old Victoria's Secret Models throw their teen aged tight bods at you.. HELLO! You ARE gonna want a piece of that and more.. AND SO Goes the 2 year relationship ..as lil Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez call it quits.

Friday, November 9, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of WHACKS!

by Ester Goldberg

Gay whack job GOProud founder Jimmy LaSalvia spoke to 8 people at a rally! hysterical! yes America- there is a group of Gay for Romney!

Everyone knows how i feel about this group and the LOG CABIN republicans..they are the Judas's of the gay community..they'd rather line their pockets with tax cuts get richer and fuck our equal rights. how could any SANE gay person vote for some Candidate who wants to take away their rights? Only self loathing idiots thats who! Ever notice ..this band of idiots never get to share the stage with their candidates of choice..how demoralizing is that?

Friday, November 2, 2012

(Ester's VIEW from a BROAD) a WEEK of Douche bags and Morons!

by Ester Goldberg

DONALD TRUMP proves he's king of the Douche bags and bad hair even in a national crisis! Criticizes Obama

This fuckin Classless billionaire tool ..had to be the first to criticize the President.. There's A crane dangling over 57th street..Go walk over there Donad and look up!

Christian preacher blames gays for Hurricane Sandy ( because its named after a GREASE character?) 

LETS BLAME THE QUEERS AGAIN!  what a bunch of idiots. An anti-gay Christian preacher is already blaming Hurricane Sandy on gays.

Friday, October 26, 2012

(Ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of MONSTERS!

by Ester Goldberg

40% of Women Lie About Their period to Get Out of Things .. GASP! no?

that line It doesn't work for me anymore.. just saying...

You know how girls in high school used to get out of gym class by claiming they were having their monthly visitor? Well, they keep using that excuse long after that.

Honey Boo Boo falls asleep on camera -Doesn't Like Being On TV, Hates Fan Encounters

Someone Just take this child off TV.. it really is sad.. and YES she faked Falling asleep

In an interview with HLN's Dr. Drew, Alana Thompson, the star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," awoke from pretending to be asleep to declare that she doesn't like being on TV. Why? "Because fans come up to me and I hate it," Alana said.

Friday, October 19, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) Stupid Excessive Rednecks!

by Ester Goldberg

Redneck Father stabs son over last beer. Ya dont take a redneck last beer!

Ya just dont take a Blood relative Redneck's last beer.. he will cut yo ass! 

What a TRAIN WRECK! HONEY BOO BOO invades LA on the RITALIN TOUR scary stuff!

I sat here in SHOCK This child is like a bad train work steaming madly to a tragic ending. There's just something disturbing  with her face..and the fact she's going 200mph and can't calm down.. I truly believe she needs counseling and they are enabling this kid.

Friday, October 5, 2012

(ester's 'VIEWS from a BROAD') a WEEK of TRAILER TRASH!

by Ester Goldberg

'Happy Days' Star, Homeless After Being Kicked Out Of Trailer Park (ShowBiz can be a shitty business)

Hollywood can be a gold mine or a land mine for some, This is sad.

HONEY BOO BOO AND HER MAMA JUNE got a RAISE! $20,000 an episode from TLC!

Friday, September 28, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of SNAKES!

by Ester Goldberg

A new study in Italy says the size of male genitalia is SHRINKING. OMG! ( i know 4 size queens who just slit their wrist))

We have some super bad bad news for you: According to a new study in Italy, the size of male genitalia is SHRINKING. Researchers say the average size is about 10% smaller than 50 years ago. OH THE HORROR!

We know the Arctic Ice caps are meltin away..and now.. PEEN?

Friday, September 21, 2012

(Ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) Donkeys and Elephants!

by Ester Goldberg

THE AWKWARD ROMNEY MOMENT ..you may have forgotten: Gay Vietnam War Vet and his husband meet ROMNEY

Romney is scum. A flip floppin idiot who does what his racist - bigot filled greedy handlers tell him to do.. Here a gay viet nam war vet..SAME AGE AS MITTENS..and romney poops his pants.. AWKWARD? you be the judge!

Back in December 2011 during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney decided to drop by Vietnam War veteran Bob Garon's breakfast table for a quick photo-op. What Romney didn't realize is that Garon was sitting with his husband, whom he had married just a few months earlier.

Friday, September 14, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) SKANKS and SCUM!

by Ester Goldberg

NBC News Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence On 'Today' for KARDASHIAN interview

NBC truly deserves to stay in the ratings gutter and Matt Lauer..and everyone all the way to COMCAST executives and owners should be ashamed of themselves... to ignore a moment of silence in honor of 9/11 and instead do an interview with the momma skank of a family of classless fame whores.. is enugh to make me tune outthe TODAY SHOW.. forever..!

Friday, September 7, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) SNUBS and SLAPS!

by Ester Goldberg

Hollywood Walk of Fame Snubs Kim Kardashian: Porn stars and Fame whores do NOT get a STAR on Hollywood Boulevard!

YES! This useless piece of Blubbery botoxed airbrushed DNA ..thought she was going to get a star on Hollywood blvd.. Ya know, Where people who are REAL STARS with real talent ..get immortalized forever.

IRONY ALERT: KRIS JENNER reportedly HATES "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". She thinks the family is classless and mom exploiting daughter!

Friday, August 31, 2012


by Ester Goldberg

REPUBLICAN at RNC Allegedly Threw Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman, Said ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

And THIS is representative of the party that wants to take back this country.. and give us THEIR GOOD CHRISTIAN morals....?

Top Romney donors being honored right now on 150 ft yacht flying the flag of the Grand Cayman Islands

if this aint proof this Flip flopping Tax avoiding Shill has a Shitload of cash stowed away in the Caymans..NOTHNG IS.. FLYING THE CAYMAN FLAG on a 150 yacht..rewarding donors.. KA CHING..Oh and his Botoxed wife is somewhere im sure ..moaning and complaining about economic hard times..

Friday, August 24, 2012

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) the NAKED Truth!

by Ester Goldberg


JUST OMG... SOMEDAY my PRINCE WILL COME..........and you fill in the rest..


Mitt Romney goes birther: 'No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate' ( what an Asshole)

Ya know he must be scared and the race not being bought quite yet..when this entitled robotic flip floppin asshole starts off with a birther Comment.. by saying ..

'No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate'

its because you're white you stupid fuck!... PERIOD!
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