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Saturday, September 23, 2017

(OUTview NW) SHE'S BACK: Peaches Christ presents 'Hocum Pokem' (w/ Jinkx Monsoon and Bob the Drag Queen) Sept. 28!

by MK Scott

Kick off the season of the witch with a bona-fide star-studded drag coven. On September 28, Peaches Christ, Bob the Drag Queen and Jinkx Monsoon promise to put a spell on you!

Don't miss the Pacific Northwest premiere of Peaches Christ's SHE-LARIOUS drag stage show parody 'HOCUM POKEM' starring 'RuPaul's Drag Race' alumni Bob the Drag Queen and Season Five winner Jinkx Monsoon. Presented by Qurb Media Group and Peaches Christ Productions.

The star-studded drag coven includes some familiar faces returning from previous Seattle and Portland Peaches Christ productions including: Abbey Roads, Sylvia O'Stayformore, Mackenzie Miller, Isabella Extynn, Tipsy Rose Lee, Visage 'Legs' LaRue, and Strawberry Shartcake.

MK Scott: After the success of 'Mister Act,' 'Legally Black' and '9 to 5 1/2 inches,' now you are back with the Hocus Pocus parody, 'Hocum Pokem.' What is this one's inspiration?

Peaches Christ: For years there have been younger Peaches fans asking when I was going to do a Hocus Pocus show and I was kinda like 'huh?' because when the movie came out I was in my early 20's and was a little too old for it and I didn't grow up watching it like these younger folks did. After a while I realized the cult for this thing was very substantial so I sat down and watched it through their eyes and realized that it all made sense. These three women, especially Bette Midler, are delivering drag performances. They're so wily and outrageous and campy and over-the-top. Of course, too, like all great fairy tales for children, it's super twisted! Sucking the souls out little children! It was perfectly ripe for a Peaches parody.

MK: What do you like about working with Jinkx in this show compared to 'Grey Gardens'?

Peaches: I like working with Jinkx, period. She's been in loads of my shows including Return To Grey Gardens, 'Addams Apple Family Values,' 'Death Drop Gorgeous,' and we've even done a two-woman cabaret show together in London. Part of the reason I love working with her is that she's so incredibly talented. We all know that. But more than that, we're chosen family and really care about each other and enjoy spending time together and creating stuff and making each other laugh.

MK: I noticed you and Jinkx worked tirelessly for months in Provincetown with 'Grey Gardens' and another version of 9 to 5, called '5 to 9,' what other shows did you showcase?

Peaches: Maybe you're referring to 'Idol Worship' the show that I did with Mink Stole? That was a one-off show and a lot of fun and we're taking it on the road, but other than that I did two nights a week of 'Grey Gardens' and two nights a week of '5 to 9' for a few months in Provincetown. It was great.

MK: Also back is Bob the Drag Queen replacing, Ginger Minj, due to her filming schedule of a top secret project. Did the show have to change and accommodate?

Peaches: It's not actually secret anymore now that it's been announced in the trades. Ginger is co-starring in a movie with Jennifer Aniston and had to drop out for the shooting schedule. I did re-write the show to include Bob because my shows are always hybrid presentations of people's drag characters with the film character they're embodying so the script we had for Ginger wouldn't have been right for Bob. I'm super excited Bob is doing this!

MK: What show are you bringing to Seattle next? Did I just see Bianca del Rio as 'Sheetlejuice' on Facebook?

Peaches: We are bringing 'Sheetlejuice' to Los Angeles, but I don't know what our next Seattle / PDX show is for sure. I'd love it if 'Sheetlejuice' were to work out!

MK: Burning Question: Who would you cast a spell on and why?

Peaches: The entire current administration in the White House. I'd freeze them and replace them - send them back in time or something, just get rid of them. I'd do this for the sake of all humanity.

This special presentation of 'HOCUM POKEM' will happen ONE NIGHT ONLY at the SIFF Egyptian Theatre in Seattle! Two shows only! 7pm show is sold out! LIMITED SEATS REMAIN for the 9:30pm show! Don't delay & get your tickets today! Remaining tickets for the 9:30pm show: $60 and $120 VIP. Google Peaches Christ Hocum Pokem for advance tickets OR https://www.universe.com/events/peaches-christs-hocum-pokem-w-jinkx-monsoon-bob-the-drag-queen-tickets-seattle-JPTQ70

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