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Thursday, April 13, 2017

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Bob the Drag Queen takes center stage and Sparkle Leigh and Abby Roads shine in Peaches Christ's 'Legally Black'!

by MK Scott

The SIFF Egyptian Theatre had a full house on Thursday, April 6 for the stage show and parody, Legally Black, written and directed by Peaches Christ and produced by Qurb Productions. As usual, Peaches gave her star, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 winner, Bob the Drag Queen, room to shine.

As Peaches Christ said in her March 31 interview with the Seattle Gay News, she created this show for Bob at the suggestion of the Seattle producer Jimmy Scarpello.

This production was wonderful!

Local queen Sparkle Leigh sparkled and shined in the role of Professor Stromwell made famous by Holland Taylor in the movie Legally Blonde. Several other local performers made cameo appearances, including Mahlae Balenciaga, (the delicious) Mackenzie Miller, Isabella Extynn (out of drag as the UPS man), Fraya Love, La Gaviota, Strawberry Shartcake, Kristie Champagne, and Stacey Starstruck.

Abbey Roads was picture perfect as the defendant, Anna Nicole Smith (yes, Anna Nicole) - I heard later that she borrowed Drew Paradisco's breast plate to enhance her assets.

The story goes like this: Bob Woods (Bob the Drag Queen) is heartbroken when her boyfriend, Warner (Mackenzie Miller) dumps her before going to Harvard Law School, so Bob moves to make sure she gets in, too. While there, Bob meets Warner's new girlfriend (Mahlae Balenciaga) with lots of hilarious catty moments. Later, the rivals turn into soul sisters when they have to work together to defend Anna Nicole Smith (Roads) for murdering her older, wealthy husband, Howard Marshall. Will Bob save Anna Nicole from the electric chair?

There were a few musical numbers that mostly featured Bob, Peaches Christ and Mahlae with some incredible choreography by Chadd Behavior and Seattle Dance Captain, Isabella Extynn.

Overall Bob, Leigh and Roads shined in their roles. Christ once again wasn't so prominent in this production, although Christ is hysterical playing a duel role as Bob's fast pal, Peachette, obsessed with Mr. UPS Man (Extynn) and later as the judge at the trial.

What's next? Peaches and Company have announced a 9 to 5 parody in the summer, which should give Peaches equal time to shine.

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