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Saturday, August 1, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) EXCLUSIVE INTER-view: Greg Louganis on Survival and his Doc, Back on Board, Debuting on HBO This Week!


by MK Scott

Last Fall, The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival opened with Greg Louganis' Documentary, Back on Board: Greg Louganis. In attendence was Greg Louganis and I had Brief moment with the Olympic Diving Gold Medalist and Gay/AIDS Activist. Now the film is finally airing on HBO on Tues, Aug 4th. Here is a repost of that interview:

MK: In the Film, it focuses on your rise to Fame, but also some of your darkest moments, what is like to Re-live That?

GREG: Very cathartic.

MK: Do you still think about (your abusive late BF) Jim?

GREG: Not really.

MK: In the film, you show you are a True survivor of Bullying, do have any advice to young people going through that?

GREG: A Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

MK: It came full circle at the London Games, when became a mentor, Do you feel that you are finally going in the right path, and Will you be part of Rio Games in 2016?

GREG: I hope so.

MK: With Tom Daly and Matthew Mitchum coming OUT, what do you think of the progress from the last 25 to 30 years?

GREG: Yes.

MK: I caught you on my Fave show, 'Old Dogs and New Tricks' as Nelson Van Eddy's Husband, do you want to do more acting?

GREG: An AFI Student film, "Saber Dance", "Entourage, the Movie", I have a play reading in NYC "Spring at Willow Brook Inn" in November.

MK: What is Next for you?

GREG: Leave to judge the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finals in the Yucatan next week.

Lopez as Louganis
MK: Your 1995, autobiography, Breaking The surface, was made it to a TV movie, starring Mario Lopez, How did you like his performance?

GREG: He was wonderful, I did narrate the film and was Mario's body double in the film. He was awesome!

Burning Question: Were you ever self Conscious about wearing the Speedo?

GREG: Like every kid, a bit, but since I was dancing and doing acrobatics since I was 18 months, and performing with my partner,, Eleanor Smith, we had a great many costumes, and some of those were more challenging than a Speedo, Hot Pink Sequins! Oye!

Be sure to check out, Back to Board: Greg Louganis on HBO on Aug 4th.

Louganis w/ MK at 2014 SLGFF                                                  Dean

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