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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

(OUTscene NW) Inter-view: MK catches up to a Super Busy, Jinkx Monsoon, about bringing 'The Vaudvillians' Back to Seattle!

Jinkx w/ Scales

by MK Scott

It has been another Great Year for Seattle's Treasure, Jinkx Monsoon (aka, Jerrik Hoffer), I last saw her back in April at LA premiere of  'Return to Grey Gardens' and after taking her Hit show, The Vaudvillans, from Seattle to PTown to Off Broadway, Jinkx is Back and bringing other character, Kitty Witless, along with Major Scales as Doctor Dandy for a sold out show at the Seattle Rep for one month only. Jinkx was kind of enough to respond to my questions.

MK: Welcome Back to the Seattle Theater Scene! You have had a busy year, how has it been?

JINKX: It's been a whirlwind but a beautiful one. My career swiftly shifted from the bar tour circuit, to the realm of cabaret and theater. Shortly after crowning my sister witch Bianca, I embarked on a long string of season tours of my show The Vaudevillians, and with all the shows I have between me and my music partner Major Scales now, we're booked up with seasons around the world until this time next year.

MK: I recently saw you in an episode of 'Blue Bloods', it was great character. What was that experience like? Would you like to do more TV and Film?

JINKX:  Oh definitely. Basically, I jump at any chance to perform or to step into a character. I love all mediums of the performing arts and I like to try a little bit of all of it. It's always been a dream to one day be involved on Saturday Night Live, either host or appear on. I'm just open to whatever comes my way.

Jinkx's Voice on CD
MK:  In May, you released THE INEVITABLE ALBUM, what made you decide to record THIS album and what are some of your favorites to sing?

JINKX:  The Inevitable Album is an homage to the divas I grew up listening to. It's an introduction; a crash course on Jinkx Monsoon. I couldn't be more pleased. Working with Major Scales is like two hands typing. He and I share thought in a way that leads to really exciting work for me. There are many projects brewing between us.

MK:  Now, you are back in Seattle with your Hit show, THE VAUDEVILLIANS. The successful show that was on Off-Broadway was extended four times. Tell me more about that experience?

JINKX:  Well, it was certainly unexpected. But we loved every moment of it. It used to be a wild fantasy of ours to take our love child, The Vaudevillians, to New York... And we not only did that, but we did it for four months. I think the best thing that came out of that already spectacular experience, is that it lit a fire under us, giving the confidence to keep pushing our work further and finding new discoveries.

Jinkx as Kitty w/ Scales as Dandy
MK: What are the differences of Kitty Witless and Jinkx Monsoon?

JINKX:  There aren't a lot... I think the best way to explain it is like this: If Jinkx Monsoon is an extreme exaggeration of certain traits and quirks that I possess, then Kitty Witless is an exaggeration of certain quirks of Jinkx's... It's a character playing a character. I know that sounds convoluted, but that's really what I think is happening.

MK: Now,I hear you might be taking over as Hedwig on Broadway, Have you been approached? Can it Happen? The second time you did Hedwig in Seattle, I saw so much of a difference, you practically became a whole new character.

JINKX:  I'd have to agree with you that there was a huge difference between my two Hedwig performances. A lot can happen in a year to change you, especially if you're living the life of "America's next drag superstar." I think I took the entire experience into my work in Hedwig, and it was all the better for it. As far as Broadway, I've heard a lot of rumors, but I assure you, that's all they are... for now. I would love to play Hedwig on Broadway someday, if that opportunity comes my way.

Jinkx as Hedwig in 2013

MK: We are about start posting your Webseries, Drag Becomes Him, what were the highlights of that experience?

JINKX:  The best highlight is working with one of my best friends, Alex Berry. He is a genius and a long-time collaborator. Our work together has always been effortless and invigorating. I'm very optimistic about our future works.

See Jinkx Live at Seattle Rep Through Nov 2nd and check out more info at Jinkxmonsoon.com

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