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Monday, March 17, 2014

(Portland Hotties) Nick Mattos!

via FB
With MK back in his hometown or Portland, OR this week, he will be talking to some of the Movers and shakers and Hotties that Portland has to offer. Please comment if you have some questions you want MK to follow up with!

Name: Nick Mattos

Hails from: Sebastopol, CA

Age: 30

Occupation? Writer

What you like best about Oregon? Living at the far edge of the frontier.

Hobbies? Reading, writing, transcendental meditation, whiskey-drinking, camping, yoga, roughhousing, wandering around.

Boxer or Briefs? boxer briefs.

Dream Date?: It involves a clear night, some good beer, and a quiet place located high above the city from which we can see the buildings all lit up below.

Make it Legal? (Will you Get married?): I was actually engaged once about a decade ago, and while I didn't end up getting married, I did recently write a column contemplating the experience. This excerpt sums up my thoughts well: "Was I ever actually ready to get married? I think back to that fiancĂ© and can safely say no, that in the light and heat of being 21 I certainly wasn’t. Maybe marriage isn’t about readiness, though; perhaps it’s about deciding to become ready, to call the community around you and state, 'Listen up, family, friends, government, God, everyone. We’re going to try to make this work forever, but we can’t do it on our own.' Perhaps the marriage certificate, and the wedding dress, and the Jordan almonds that the guests receive are all just a coded plea, a means of crying out to everyone who can hear: 'Please, please, please help us make this relationship work.' I could not make that cry then, and perhaps I never will — but I am willing to be surprised."

 Oregon will be voting on Marriage Equality this coming November. Please check out Oregon United for Marriage and offer your support! 

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