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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

(MK SCOTT) Exclusive with MDL-LA's Josh Flagg, about Season 5!

 by MK Scott

It has been 2 years since we last spoke with Josh Flagg, 28, from Million Dollar Listing- LA, so I reached out to Josh, Exclusively, about what has happened in the last 2 years and what will happen during Season 5 of the series currently on Bravo TV.

MK: From the last we spoke in 2011, you had just written a book and came Out, how has the journey been?

Josh Flagg: All of my friends and family have been extremely supportive of me. My book has been a great success, and Million Dollar Listing has the highest ratings ever .

MK: Million Dollar Listing-LA just started its 5th season, and you have become Josh Altman's target, why is he such a sleazeball?

JF: Josh and I are very competitive people, he realizes that I am his competition. As for him being a sleazeball...no comment!

MK: Will more battles with Josh get nastier? 

JF: Keep watching!

MK: What else can will expect from this season?

JF: Our biggest sales ever in a real estate market that is finally on an upswing.

MK: The Audience loves those scenes with Grandma Edith, How is it for you?

JF: Grandma is a natural in front of the camera. She is exactly the same when there are no cameras there. 

MK: How is it going with your Partner, Colton?

JF: Colton's interior design business has grown phonemically in the last year. He has taken on more projects then ever, and he is doing a great job on all of them.

MK: Did you watch the New York version? Who would you work with? Ryan, Fredrick or Luis?

JF: Yes, I love the New York MDL. Michael Warbler has been a good friend of mine for a long time, so even though he isn't currently on the show I would have to say he is my favorite.

MK: A couple of Burning Questions: Do you prefer to Cleanshaved or Bearded?

JF: I am probably in between. I like a little bit of scruff.

MK: Your Emergency Contact (Who would you trust the most) ; Madison or Josh? 

JF: Madison, hands down!

Thanks to Josh Flagg for catching us up. Be sure to catch Josh on Million Dollar Listing-LA, Wednesdays on Bravo! 

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