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Friday, March 29, 2013

(Ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of Bullsh*t!

By Ester Goldberg

Lindsay Lohan Drunk under table in Brazil! They keep hiring this train wreck??

In just a few hours after landing in BRazil.. Bitch is drunk ass under a table?..WHy do people keep hiring this train wreck?

TMZ says bitch was at the club for hours and when a bunch of people started asking her to take pictures with them, she refused and hid from them under the table.

Tilda Swinton to sleep in a glass box as "ART".. Hipsters Cream their jeans..I call it Bullsh*t!!

From the Kuntrashians smelling each others Brawny Towel Vagina odor..to this as as ART..i just wanna scream. IM sorry..I simply find this type of so called ART utter BULSHIT!.. But, you know a bunch Hipsters sipping two buck chuck are are oohhhin and ahhhing that this is genius.. ITS A FUCKIN LESBIAN IN A FUCKIN GLASS BOX PEOPLE......


Series LOW: Kardashian Sisters Smell Each Other's Vagina's in New Episode! Just when you think this family of Skanks could't get any skankier..they DO!


FORD pulls supposedly Offensive Kardashian AD. I find it Appropriate. Ball gag these Fame whores and take em off the air.

The talentless slut sisters who just last week had a Vagina Smelling Contest..find this offensive? PULEEEZE! these Fame whores couldn't disappear fast enough.

In the FORD ad created by young Creatives in India show Paris Hilton with her captured, reality television competition: the Kardashians. Kim is displayed in lingerie.

THE AD you weren't supposed to see..LOLOLOL!

Kim Kardashian gets the Worse Reviews for her TYLER Perry crapola Film debut!!! OMFG! hysterical! This talentless home porn Whore..is just a pathetic riot..


Bill Gates Wants to Pay You $100,000 to Build a Condom That Feels like your're not wearing nothing! Can you imaqine a condom from..ahem.. MicroSOFT?

SUNDAY MORNIN GOSPEL ALBUM COVER- He's Coming ...and not on them.....
Three Lesbian born again flight attendants? or some Horny color blind dyke Librians? ...

Something tells me THE GOSPELAIRES  havent seen anyone coming  lately..
Praise the LAWD


No More Papal Golden Throne..they have downsized..i suggested another Down size too!

Yes..if anyone noticed GONE is the Papal Gold leafed throne..and a simpler throne.. I i thought maybe they could downsize some more..


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