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Friday, February 1, 2013

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) a WEEK of being NAUGHTY!

by Ester Goldberg

Ron Jeremy is in critical condition at an L.A. hospital ... and is being treated for an aneurysm that was located near his heart!

Ron's manager, Mike Esterman, tells TMZ ... Ron drove himself to Cedars-Sinai hospital Tuesday afternoon after experiencing severe chest pain. Docs examined the legendary porn star ... and discovered the aneurysm.

According to Esterman, Ron's condition's worsened and he was transferred to the ICU. He's currently being prepped for surgery.

Porn On Bus: Employee Accidentally Shows X-Rated Movie To Patrons ( it wasn't FREE WILLY)!

Some riders on a Chilean inter-region bus on the Valparaiso line got a bit of a surprise when an employee apparently showed them a hardcore porn movie by accident.

TV News Reporter Turns Tables on Video-Bomber....Asks What STD She Has!

Ya gotta love how this newswoman dealt with the drunken bitch who interrupted her live report....

Jessica Sanchez turns tables on video-bomber

Jessica Sanchez was reporting about preparations for the Super Bowl in New Orleans when a boozy reveller stepped up behind her to chant about the San Francisco 49ers.

It's a Cover-Up: S.C. Woman Chokes Man For Hogging Blanket!
Wonder if she offered a blanket confession?

Man serenades cops while naked and masturbating..gotta love New Orleans!

New Orleans is known for its rich musical history, and Osmer Hernandez with his drunken serenade might be part of that tapestry.

Oscar-hernandezjpg-146a0dab11b83050When cops encountered the 33-year-old Hernandez staggering down the street on Friday night, he serenaded them with a ditty, according to BayouBuzz.com.

What made his performance memorable, however, was his lack of clothing. Cops say he wasn't wearing pants -- and he was masturbating!

Man Gets Frostbite on his penis After sex With Snowman.. SWEAR! A 64-year-old British man got frostbite on his willy after a ..ahem.. a romantic interlude ... with a snowman.


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