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Friday, February 8, 2013

(ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) Crash and Burn!

by Ester Goldberg

Smash’ Crashes In Season Two Debut... Betty White's birthday special did better?

Well, when the stupid ass networks start to realize, when you take a show off the air for months..pre-empt on a regular basis.. and, in our remote control world.. Viewers leave..they have no attention spans.. the networks kill more shows by doing this then save them... It does not take a brain surgeon to figure it out.. Remember how 24 would run the whole season one epeisode after another?

this is a great show..but NBC will kill it!

It marks a 71 percent drop from its premiere's 3.8 adults rating. The last half-hour of the Smash premiere, airing at 10:30 p.m., fell to a 1.0 rating in the demo. Pretty crappy!

The Ricki Lake Show' Cancelled...cuz who watched it? did you?

Oh well as this gets the axe.. the mother of those Katrashian Twunts is getting her own show.. Why can't a big black hole just swallow up this family..and instead being the Money maker...!

MAGIC MIKE is headed to BROADWAY as a musical with REAL Lap dances.. I want to scream!

YEAP..cuz we live in a world where a show on broadway only needs to be a moderate hit movie... to ope..and REAL shows never make it..cuz a lot of AMerica is jut too cultureless and stupid to "GET" a real broadway show.  SO.. MAGIC MIKE HEAD TO BROADWAY..

"Oh, you definitely might get a lap dance," producer Gregory Jacobs told Vulture. "Absolutely. That's happening for sure."


 Al Pacino as Phil Spector is scary as hell... freaky huh?


In other CRASH and BURN News:

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