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Monday, June 6, 2011

OUTscene: (SIFF INTER-view) What a Sissy....A Revealing Moment with Francois Sagat!

by Adrian Ryan
OUTscene Special

So I says to Francois Sagat, I says, “Francois! I understand that this is probably the most obvious question in the universe and that you’ve been asked it over and over and over again, but! Do you plan to embrace your porn career as you move forward into mainstream films, or play it down?”

And Francois Sagat says? “I don’t want to do mainstream films. I like porn.”

Well. Okeedokee then. (And with his deep French accent and his pouty French lips, the word "porn" sound like “prawn”. Adorable.)

"I wasn't really planning to do this movie--Christofe (Honore--the writer/director) asked me to do it...the project began as a 25-minute sort film..." But that's really only part of the story. What really happened is that Christofe intentionally built the film's protagonist, a broken-hearted hustler named Emmanuel, on Sagat. "The character is me", Sagat says. And you can see it. Just like Emmanuel, Sagat is shy and smoldering and distant and disturbingly magnetic, and a little broken-hearted.

So, as you’ve probably guessed (or already knew damn good and well) Francois Sagat is a gay porn star. (Or “prawn star”, if you’re French and pouty.) A very, very popular hardcore international pornstar, thank you, and in the oldskool sense of the word--no 60-second armature video upload nonsense here, lady. If porn still has a royalty, Francois is it's naughty Parisian prince.

Monsieur Sagat was in town to make a big in-person appearance at a SIFF screening of his new film, Man At Bath. Man At Bath? Well, it’s a movie that begins with broken-hearts and butt-rape, quickly fills with epic scale full-frontal nudity, and ends…well, with butt-rape, broken hearts, and an epic scale of full frontal nudity. It is--perhaps strangely at some moments--considered much more "mainstream" than Francois' famous earlier body of work (teehee!), but, um, still. The butt sex is a lot.

I'm not complaining.

Moody and dark, full of low-throbbing angst and a bit of good old fashioned human cruelty, Man At Bath hasn’t been getting what you’d call stellar reviews. It’s been called “meandering” and “pointless” and some people in the theater seem to have a peculiar habit of standing up and wandering off while the film's still going…which I thought was a bit harsh. But then again. All the penis, penis, PENIS! Some people just don't have the strength.

(Me? Well, I didn't walk out. No. I did not.)

“It was a challenge sometimes, this movie, because I am having a lot of sex with people who are not really my type.”

Well. We've all been there. Right?

Note: Type means a lot Sagat—his sexual taste for dark-skinned, big muscled Arab men is as famous as his famous, famous head tattoo (unique and weird—like tattooed-on hair!) and/or his famous, famous…well, his what my good friend Danny—a consummate Sagat fan-- calls his “ass destroyer.” (Tee hee hee hee! Sorry.)

Monsieur Sagat grew up in a Parisian 'burb, in a middle class neighborhood with middleclass parents with whom he still enjoys a relatively close--if not entirely open--relationship. "We don't talk about that part of my life." He's talking of course about his professional life.

As a gay adult film star, Francois was forced to suffer a two-tiered coming-out process --first as a gay son, then as a gay son who is also an internationally famous fucker of other gay sons on film. "I will tell my mother that I am in a film; I won't tell her what it is about."

Also, "Growing up, I was a sissy", he tries to convince me.

Propaganda! I totally don't believe a word of it. He's clearly pandering to the sissy vote. (First: LOOK AT HIM! And Second: as a sissy of international renown, I've never seen him at the meetings.)

Despite rumors to the contrary, Sagat seems to be single. It's been reported that Francois had been seriously involved with Italian porn star Francesco D'Macho, who is himself, well, WOW. "I am? Oh. Well, I did not know that...", Francois, um, explains.

Well. Okeedokee then, monsieur Sagat.

Man at Bath is touring the Film Fest circuit from here to everywhere else (sorry kids, it's all wrapped up at SIFF), sock up your hot Arab sons, ladies and gentlemen...Francois Sagat is touring along with it. (Their almond-skinned asses don't stand a chance!)

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