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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OUTscene: (Exclusive INTER-view) Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg chats with MK about coming Out, Career, Fashion and MORE!

by MK Scott
OUTscene Editor

I must admit, I have only seen Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, once last season and knew of 1 of the 3 stars were Gay, and gorgeous (Madison Hildebrand). That all changed when I heard a 2nd star was coming out publicly on the show and actually wrote a book about. I knew I wanted to talk to Josh Flagg. It seems Like Josh is the Full package of Looks, Class, Style, Wealth and Youth. I spoke to Josh by phone.

Hello, Josh. Thanks for speaking with OUTscene NW. Tell us all about your new book, Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream that came out last week.

It's a really good book. It's my autobiography. It appeals to three different demographics. First of all, there's the gay audience, which would be interested because it's a coming-of-age story, and it involves a lot of coming-out. That's pretty interesting. It appeals to the real estate audience, those who are interested in the real estate business. And then it appeals to anyone who's looking for what they want to do with their life. It's a guide how to get somewhere and be successful at it. So it appeals to lots of different demographics, and it's very entertaining and very witty and quite funny.
Your grandmother, who I hear is someone very well known, Edith Flagg, inspired you to write your first book, as well as your latest book, and a recent episode of Million Dollar Listing illustrated that the initial struggle you had to write your memoirs at the tender age of 25. What about the book is going to really inspire the reader? I think just the fact that I'm 25 and - the book details many of my accomplishments already. The fact that I'm only 25 and I've done these, really inspires a person, that they can get going early in life and be successful. There's no reason why you have to wait to be successful and be 40. You can be successful at 18, or 21, like me. In the book, you publicly came out. When did you know you were gay, and who's the first person you share that news with? I think I've always known they answer. You put two and two together, you've got to figure it out. 12 or 13 and to the first person I told - I don't remember who the first person I told was. But when I came out, though, I was in high school. I just came out probably on TV, though, recently.
Two of the three stars of Million Dollar Listing have come out. How has that been working with Madison Hildebrand? Was there any - and I don't think anyone's ever asked you this, but was there any physical attraction from either one of you? I don't know. You don't find Madison physically attractive. Or he doesn't find you physically attractive. I just never think about him that way. So You keep a nice business relationship going? Yeah. How does the straight guy, Josh Altman, think about all this? Is he supportive, is he jealous? He’s very supportive, he's a nice guy. He's very supportive.
Will your boyfriend of three years, Colton, appear on the show again? Yeah, he'll be on next week. What's the biggest misconception the public has about you? I don't know. That's a good question. I think a lot of people thought I was straight before. Do you harbor any ambitions outside of real estate or reality TV, like acting or modeling, like most reality stars? I love to write, and I do love travel. So something, maybe, in that field. Maybe writing books on travel. I don't know, I'm not really sure yet. I'll just take it one day at a time. It sounds like you definitely want to keep up with the writing. Yeah.
You have had such an eccentric of wardrobe this year. Is this your new style, or does somebody dress you on the show, and what are your favorite designers? I just pick out what I feel like wearing that day. Nobody dresses me. I have a very large closet, with lots of different things. If I'm in the mood to be bright, I'll put something bright on. If I'm in the mood to be dark, I'll put something dark on. And my favorite designers, I love Tom Ford. For dress clothes, I love Gucci. Those are my two favorite designers. What was it like growing up in Beverly Hills? I don't know anything different, so I'll try to improvise. It's fun. It was how you would imagine it. How has the horrendous economy affected your comfortable and contented life? It really hasn't. I'm very smart with my money, and my business is very - it's a little different, you just have to work a little bit harder. Luckily, my business is still very solid, and I'm very lucky. One last question for you: it's the burning question. Is it better to be rich, young, good-looking, gay, all the above? All the above (Laughs). You're doing some book signings in the future, and is there any plans of coming to Seattle or Portland? I don't know, I was just going to look through it right now, so maybe. We would love to welcome you, and personally welcome you, to Seattle. Thanks so much for chatting with us, Josh. We wish you the very best of luck, and we hope to see you when you're up in Seattle.
Thank you, bye-bye.


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