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Monday, July 19, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Kathy Griffin on Sen. Scott Brown controversy: “Of course I’m lovin all the publicity, LOVIN IT”


I didn’t think for one minute that Kathy Griffin was losing a wink of sleep that Rep. Barney Frank was mad at her for calling Sen. Scott Brown’s daughter’s “prostitutes” last week on her Bravo show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.

In fact, she probably wanted to call and thank him for fanning the flames and helping to provide her with her biggest controversy since her “suck it Jesus” Emmy speech three years ago.

Kathy sent out this Tweet earlier today: “haha,Scott Brown is the Spencer Pratt of the US Senate.THIS is a great time 2 come c me live. OF COURSE I’m lovin all the publicity LOVIN IT.”

Her nemesis on The View, the humorless, talentless and generally irritating Elisabeth Hasselbeck, joined Frank in publicly ripping on our Kathy this morning calling her “scum.”

“You defend your daughters against scum who come after them,” Hasselbeck said during the Hot Topics segment.

“Are you calling Kathy ‘scum’ now?” Joy Behar asked Hasselbeck.

“In general, if someone called your daughter a prostitute would you think they’d be scum?” replied Hasselbeck.

Said Behar: “I know my daughter’s not a prostitute, so it [would be] funny. It’s just a joke, Elisabeth.”

Brown, as could be expected, did not find it funny and issued this statement: “People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits. I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

I don’t blame Brown for defending his daughters though. Ayla is 21-year-old and a contributor for CBS’ The Early Show while Arianna is a 19-year-old pre-med student at Syracuse University and also a part-time model.

Anyway, I’m just glad Kathy has this controversy to milk for now because I was never crazy about the Levi Johnston schtick.

Here’s the part of the show that is causing all the fuss – and free publicity:

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