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Monday, March 16, 2015

(WHITE PARTY 2015) Frankie Grande: A GAY LATINO OPRAH?

by David Luc Nguyen (Teriyaki Temple)

Outview’s David Luc Nguyen (aka Teriyaki Temple) catches up with the Frankie Grande: Social Media Bad Boy, TV personality ('Big Brother 16'), Broadway star (Rock of Ages) and Big Bro of Reigning Pop-Princess (Ariana Grande). They chat about everything from meeting Madonna, his favorite moments from the past year, his thoughts on the new Pope and gushes about his upcoming appearance as this year’s Ambassador at White Party Palm Springs where he will co-host with this year’s White Party Queen Kelly Osborne! Unless you've been completely out of the loop or perhaps living under a rock (of ages) you have probably heard of Frankie Grande.

Prior to this interview I admit I only knew of him by several nicknames including:
o 'Ariana Grande's Gay older brother'
o 'That Gay guy on 'Big Brother 16' that was always snuggling with the hot straight guy'
o 'One of YouTube's Gay Dude Channel hosts'
o 'That pretty boy that hosted the Grammy Awards Red Carpet half-naked'
o 'Franz from Rock of Ages on Broadway'

Now take all of those nicknames and couple them with the bleach blonde hair (with purple tips), a tanned perfect body (who posts scantily clad pictures of himself on “topless Tuesdays”), his sister is with a pop-star with “alleged” diva tendencies (btw totally not true) and add in an outrageous (yet endearing) personality on his hugely popular YouTube channel, what conclusion about this stranger would you make? After I scratched the surface I came to the conclusion. . . .

Make sure to check out my “pink box mash-up” below where I double Oprah and Frankie side by side bento box style!
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