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Sunday, December 9, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Rupaul All-Star Aja previews this year’s ‘A Drag Queen Christmas,’ new music and the short film Femme

by MK Scott

Murray & Peter Present and STG Presents present ‘A Drag Queen Christmas’ at The Moore Theatre on Wednesday, December 12.

Several Queens from ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ are scheduled to appear including host Miz Cracker, Aja, Vanjie Mateo, Farrah Moan, Monet X Change, Naomi Small, as well as Seattle faves Latrice Royale and Raja. After seeing her in the short film, Femme, that was part of this year’s Boys Shorts program at the Seattle Queer Film Festival, I had to talk to Aja about that, plus a new single and an album. We chatted via email this past week.

MK Scott: Aja, this is the third year that ‘A Drag Queen Christmas’ has hit Seattle. What should we expect this year?

AJA: Honestly, the Christmas show is always a diverse display of talents and like Christmas itself I think it’s best to wait and see.

MK: How has being on ‘Drag Race’ changed you?

AJA: Being on Reality TV has opened my eyes to how things work in the television world. Now with those experiences I am pursuing my music career. Being on Reality TV is so much fun and amazing exposure but you aren’t in full control of your own narrative. The best part about pursuing your own goals afterwards is knowing that you can control your entire narrative and have fun with it. The entertainment industry is all fun and predominantly a positive experience and I am lucky to have partaken in that experience.

MK: Had a chance to see you in the short film, Femme. The director, Alden Peters, is a Seattle native. What attracted you to the project?

AJA: I was actually asked by Corey, who is a friend of mine from NY. He was the lead actor in the short film. The role really isn’t anything like me, but it was a cool experience.

MK: Tell us about your new single, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’?

AJA: With ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ I was trying to tell the good ol’ story of becoming a public figure. Sometimes you want to fight and argue with those who are defaming you. Other times, you’re just like ‘Whatever.’ And other times you’re just trying to talk yourself off a ledge. In this track Shilow and I explore our inner monologue when it comes to how we are perceived by people. This year I have been very supported but also very scrutinized by haters and in the song I let those who love me know that I’m fighting the good battle with them. But I also let the haters know, ‘If you’re paying this much attention, it means that you love me.’ I was raised to believe that hate is an indifferent form of love. Someone who truly doesn’t care for you wouldn’t be paying that much attention. Hating that much at some point is just an obsession with someone.

MK: What can we expect from your new album project?

AJA: The process of making this album has been hectic because I have been on tour non-stop. Since I started writing the album I have been able to perform my music in places like France, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, the UK, etc. But that also meant writing on my long haul flights and having studio times that lasted 8 hours or sometimes more. I have put every piece of myself into this album. I want people to hear it and enjoy it. I want my music to get played on the radio. I want to be offered an amazing record deal. I want to world tour my album and have people who see me for the artist I am just excited to vibe with me. Regardless if any of this actually happens or not, I am very proud of myself for being able to make the album and I know that my fans and supporters who have been there will always be proud of me. I do this for them. My OGs.

MK: In 2017, your boyfriend and you were kicked out of a LYFT for kissing, but they did issue an apology. Would you still pick Lyft over Uber or are they both screwed?

AJA: Honestly, whatever service gets me where I need to be is fine with me. It’s not the service’s fault that they had a homophobic employee. It happens to the best of us. I hope nobody has to go through that. But I’m also sure it’s more common than we think.

‘A Drag Queen Christmas – The Naughty Tour’ will be a hilarious evening of holiday performances featuring contestants from the reality television show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ on VH1. (WARNING: Adult Comedy). All Ages Welcome. Doors at 7pm; Show at 8pm. There will be a 20-minute intermission. Presented by Murray & Peter Present. Get tour info at www.DragFans.com.

The show will be presented at The Moore Theatre (1932 2nd Avenue at Virginia St.). Reserved Seating on Main Floor & in First Balcony; General Admission Seating in Second Balcony. Tickets are: $20 to $50, $150.00 VIP* (not including fees). All Ages/Bar with I.D.

*VIP includes a premium reserved seat in the first few rows on the main floor, plus meet all the queens and take pics (before the show), score autographs and receive an official tour poster and customized laminated lanyard.

Tickets available at STG Presents and Ticketmaster. www.stgpresents.org; 1-800-982-2787. www.ticketmaster.com; 1-800-745-3000.

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