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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

(OUTview NW) RE-view: Frozen at Artswest is 'Killer' Entertainment!

Photo credit- John McLellan
by MK Scott

 A play about a serial killer of children may be depressing and hard to watch, but when Artswest Playhouse, under the direction of Mathew Wright, and  with powerhouse actors of Amy Thone (Festen, My name is Asher Levi) and Peter Crook (The Seagull Project), that changes the dynamics immensely.

 With anecdotes of humor in all the right places,  the play is gripping as it is entertaining. With the addition of Jonelle Jordan as Agnetha is a psychologist who is as crazy as her patients and some of her behavior is hysterical.

With all seriousness aside, Ralph (Crook) is a disturbed man who creates fantasy that leads to reality and his sickness of sexually molesting and killing towards young girls. One girl, Rhona is in the wrong place at the wrong time, while her mother, Nancy (Thone) is hopeful that her missing daughter could return at any moment.

Once caught, Angetha arrives at the prison to determine if Ralph is pure evil or pure mad. Nancy wants Ralph to suffer and die. 

Nancy wants to confront her child's killer and goes to see Ralph against Agnetha's wishes. Nancy tells Ralph, she forgives him and is ready to move on. Getting there to that stage creates moving performances. 

The set was interesting as each actor had their own stage and space, but by the end of the play, those spaces are shared by two actors at month. The being in-the-round created more intimately with the audience. 

Artswest's Frozen, by Bryony Lavery and directed by Mathew Wright continues through May 14th. Tickets at http://www.artswest.org

Photo credit- John McLellan

Photo credit- John McLellan

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