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Saturday, March 2, 2013

(SEX) 6 Strange Sex Toys!

Many of us can look into our bedside drawers and find a vibrator, a condom or at least some lube, but what what about a foot vagina? Or teddy bear vibrator?

While most of us can get our jollies with a few inches of plastic, there are others who are looking for more--a strange side of more.

Check out some of these weird sex toys getting made all over the world.

The Foot Vagina:

Are you into feet? Do you have a foot fetish? If so, this is the toy for you. Why have sex with an ordinary looking vagina, when you can have sex with a foot? Complete stroker beads, the foot vagina will get you off in the only way a foot knows how...

The Obama Sex Toy:

Show your political side by getting the Head O State Obama Sex Toy, an awkward dildo shaped like the POTUS. Get it in blue to show your democratic allegiance and ride it all the way to the Oval office.

Artificial Hymen

Remember when you bleed all over that bed back in high school when you lost your virginity? Remember how awesome it was? Don't you want to do it again? Yeah? Well, get the artificial hymen and convince all the boys and girls that you're still a virgin. It's only marginally creepy, you know, once you look past the whole shoving a bag of fake blood up your snatch part.

Canned Vagina:

You can now keep your sex toys next to your green beans. The Japanese have thankfully created a disposable canned vagina that you can simply thrust away into and then throw it away. Who has time to clean and reuse? And why would you when every new popped can can be a new girl? However, it looks more like a Lifesaver than a vagina.

Dragon Dick:

Are you into sci-fi? Have you already had sex with an alien doll? If so, it's time to move onto the Drippy Dragon, a dildo shaped supposedly like a dragon's penis that comes fully equipped with a 8 oz bag of Bad Dragon Cum Lube. I wonder how you get it to squirt and if you can use non-Bad Dragon Cum Lube in it after you've run out? Does it breathe that hot fire?

Sex toys for dogs:

Why do humans get to have all the fun? You know Fido is just trying to get his hump on, we should totally help him out. Well, don't worry the French beat us to it and came up with the Hotdoll, the first sex toy made for dogs. It's a silicone, ergonomically shaped dog that will allow your pet to hump safely and in peace. No condoms or neuters needed.

Now that you've seen all the weird sex toys, it's time to get a normal one. Hop over to Adam and Eve and remind yourself that awesome sex doesn't have to involve canned vagina.

Brought to you by Adam and Eve Products

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