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Friday, February 22, 2013

(Ester's VIEWS from a BROAD) My Big FAT Guns!

by Ester Goldberg

BREAKING NEWS: Shootout on Las Vegas Strip 3 dead! cab burst into flames! ( lets buy some more guns!)

Metro police say it started near the busy intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard.

According to police, the shootout started between two cars which then lead to a multi-car accident.

All roads in that area are closed as police investigate.

Rob Kardashian now has a big fat ass like his Fame whore Talentless sister! Gains 40 pounds!

The former Dancing with the stars fame whore has packed on over 40 pounds challenging his sister for the role of lucky Fat no talent whatsoever fame whore..


Khloe Kardashian 'fired from the X Factor! one less talentless fame Whore on TV! 

I gues slapping mayonnaise on your vagina doth not a hostess make! .this Wildebeste was fired from her duties cuz number.one..bitch can't read a teleprompter..and comes across as a moron.


WHO SHOT THE COUCH? HOLY FAT ASS KIM KARDASHIAN will be big as big as a double wide soon.

This is proof no matter how rich you get For sucking NBA and RAPPER PEEN.. you cant buy class or style.. with... her fat ass..Blown up lips and the fashion sense of a blind Person on acid... Bitch looks like a nightmare...!


Spice Girl Mel B to Replace Sharon Osbourne on AMERICAS GO TALENT! WTF?? 

I love my Brit Fans..but why do they put UK stars on our shows that NOBOFY knows or even cares about... Dont we have some Judges HERE ? IN the USA?

The NBC talent show has signed Spice Girl Mel B (aka Melanie Brown and Scary Spice) to joinHoward Stern and Howie Mandel on the judges panel. The news comes mere weeks before the show's audition rounds begin, with the ratings magnet set to return in the summer.

Obama Rated at 3-Year High in Poll, Republicans at Bottom..what part of this do this GOP scum not get?


GROSS NEWS! RON JEREMY: I've Been Cleared to HAVE SEX Again! 

REALLY?  like people want to have sex with him ...still? ...REALLY?


Lady Gaga Tour Cancellation will cost over 25 million!!

 Well its not the edge of glory........

In Other GROSS News:

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