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Saturday, May 21, 2011

OUTscene: (INTER-view) MK's Exclusive with Queer Eye's Thom Filicia!

by MK Scott
OUTscene Editor

Interior Designer and Reality Star, Thom Filicia was in Seattle from May 19 to 21st for the DIFFA Glam show at Masons (May 19) and a Cocktail Party sponsored by Dot 429 was at the W Hotel (May 20th). I got the exclusive form Thom himself and if He still keep in touch with the rest of the FAB Five!

 MK: Alright. We’re here with Thom Filicia. And tell us about what brings you to Seattle?
  Well, I am a National Board Member of DIFFA. And I came, I actually made the journey to Seattle, the first performance, I love Seattle. It’s a great city. So I’m very happy to be here just to be here, but I’m also excited to be here for DIFFA because I came up for the planned event that was last night, at Mason’s in downtown. And it’s a really amazing event that, you know, it’s just, it’s all about style, and tear/queer/design, and fashion, and luxury goods, and raising money, raising awareness for DIFFA. And also raising funds for DIFFA. And what’s really great about DIFFA Seattle, the chapter is a really strong chapter.

And what’s really great about it is that all of the money that they generate goes directly back into the community, which is wonderful. It’s just completely, you know, it’s all volunteers. There’s no office. It’s just a group of people that make all these things happen. And so I came out here for that. And … I was excited about it. As a designer, Mason’s carries my furniture. So that’s really awesome. And also Kravet who I designed my fabrics for. Also Mohoma Holdet, they’re a fabric in the states. They were the backdrops for the models, which was really cool. So, you know, there was that layer to it, but it’s just really exciting to be out here and see, you know, a small venue. Eh, well, it’s not that small, but you know, compared to design, you know, compare it to Dining By Design, you know, the glam event is much smaller. And it was so impactful, and fun, and powerful, and everybody that was there was really jazzed about DIFFA and the event and, you know, raising awareness and raising funds for the community so that they can give back to – you know, I think the event is actually raising money for teens and children that are affected by HIV and AIDS. So that’s, you know, it’s wonderful. And I think it’s so great that this group can come together to, you know, to reach out to the community. And DIFFA is really all about, you know, educating people. And helping people, you know who are affected by HIV and AIDS. And, you know, it’s just a really wonderful, it’s a wonderful organization. And this is a really strong chapter.
MK: And, of course, everybody knows you from on Queer Eye for the Straight
MK: What have you done since, Queer Eye?
: Well, you know, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy I think ended three years ago. Since then I’ve had two shows on Style Network. I’ve had Tacky House. And Dress My Nest, which are now running also internationally, which is really great. I just made the switch to HDTV.

And I’m actually developing a deal with them and I’m also doing a program with them, which starts to air this July. And I actually have a book out right now called Thom Filicia Style. I also have a new book that I’m working on that’s going to be out next summer. And I, you know, I have furniture. I have a furniture line with Vanguard, which is available locally at Mason’s. I also have a line of fabrics with Kravet. Rugs with Safavieh. Rob Zumage Window Treatment Hardware with  elements. So there’s that, and a few others that I can’t think of right now. Soicher Marin has my artwork. So there’s … quite a few projects I’m working in terms of the world of licensing and sort of the Thom Holm collection which is what we’ve been working on for quite some time. So there’s that happening. And then also I have my design company in Soho with … excuse me, where we’re doing commercial and residential design. We just finished Tina Fey’s house, which is really awesome. We’re doing a really great residence in San Francisco. And we’re, you know, a lot of residential projects. We’re doing a commercial project right now for Colgate University, a hotel for them.
MK: Okay, one quick question. Do you keep in touch with the other guys?
I do. Its Ted’s birthday today, I have to call him. Carson just called me the other day for my birthday, so did Ted.

MK: Yeah?
: I spoke to Jai about a week ago. I have not heard from Kyan, he’s been travelling a lot.. So I think he’s … a yoga …instructor in Mexico. So Carson still works in TV, Ted’s still working in television. Jai’s still working in theater. And I’m still working in television and very much in design and now products and so now  We’re also doing our thing.
MK: Thank you for chatting with us.
Thom: Thank You!

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